1 thought on “What are the humorous group names of humorous group names?”

  1. 1. Blessing and shared the difficult group

    2. Yongliang Palace

    3. The offline exchange group of the secret angel


    5. The nightmare of contemporary stench boys

    6, 4A scenic area

    7. The temptation of returning to bed xxx (bedroom number)

    8. The progress of the order X/4 (take off the single number)

    9, pure female college student online live broadcast

    10. n
    11. The beauty of the chaos

    12. The fish of the quality education leakage net

    13. Peach blossoms

    15. Students who can't get Tsinghua

    16, turkey noodle noodle pink home

    17, beautiful girl's Pleated skirt

    18, bankrupt sister

    19. The discussion group of the board of directors of Alibaba

    20, 9 billion young boys' dreams

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