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  1. The promotion of its own building materials store is very important, which directly determines. In the future, the business of the store is good or bad. A simple method, you can. Advertising uses a screenshot to send orders or advertise on a local radio station taxi. This is the most direct effect and very good way.
    can also do a regular activity. A low -cost sales to attract customers to drive the sales of other products in the store.
    The brand promotion must be all marketing and communication activities of the brand's core value company, that is, any marketing advertising activities such as product research and development, packaging design, advertising, channel strategy, terminal display to street promotion, or even media interviews, etc. A chance to communicate with the public must interpret the core value of the brand. In this way, when consumers can feel the unified brand image when they come into contact with the brand, it means that the marketing advertising fee of each point is deepening the memory of the brand's brand
    The highlight. When building the brand's internal import brand business philosophy in the early days, it adopted unconventional practices such as military training, conferences, demonstrations, and promotion meetings to attract media attention; use innovative measures such as technology, products, services, etc. Reports; excavate communities related to the brand during promotion and dissemination, and use the name of the media to promote the name of the brand. The promotion of the brand in the introduction period does not have a constant promotion model due to different products and their different market performance. This requires companies to set some advantages for specific products, specific target markets, and specific market conditions. Promotion mode.

  2. 1. Send leaflets.

    The hair leaflets are the most traditional, cheapest, simplest, and most effective promotion methods. By issuing leaflets, it can effectively play a role in publicity. The suggestion that Xiaobian gives you is that it is best to provide coupons on the leaflet when making leaflets, so that the effect of attracting customers can be better.

    2, low -cost promotion.

    The low -priced promotion, attract customers with lower prices, promote themselves while increasing the contact with target customers, thereby pioneering customer sources.

    3, group purchase.

    The group purchase is a variant of low -cost promotions. Cooperation with some group purchase websites to exit its group purchase products can effectively increase the popularity of small stores and attract customers through cheaper prices.

    4. Introduction to new customers has discounts.

    The old customers are your living advertisements. Let the old customers introduce the guests for you, give some discounts or commissions for the old customers.

    5, WeChat and other network platforms.

    The online shops on the Internet platform and register a shop. Many young guests like this promotion method and like this payment method.

    6, community activities.

    The participation or holding some community activities, such as baby competitions, free consultations, delivery into the community, etc. This is an effective way to expand its popularity in the community.

    7, a number of stores united.

    The small shops can join for promotions. For example, the membership card of the yoga museum can get a discount coupon for cafes. The owners can visit other small shops around them, and agreed to an promotion exchange agreement with them. client.

    The network promotion we often see, but most of them are promoting online products. Most of the offline products are drainage, and the promotion of physical stores. What about?
    According to past experience, Qianjun Media believes:
    1. WeChat
    WeChat is the big household of today's social media. :
    ①Mito program
    If you want to do long -term network promotion, you can choose to do directly as a small program. As a medium of promotion, we all know that the applet can run in the WeChat environment well, avoid downloading downloads, avoid downloading, avoid downloading and avoid downloading. The trouble of APP also improves the interaction in the network, which is a good choice.
    ② public account
    of course, the applet still needs to be developed, and it is more troublesome to maintain, so you can also choose the public account as the promotion channel. Of course Well, without you, you can pay for promotion through other relevant public accounts, and use its fans to promote it.
    ③ friends circle
    of course, if you feel unable to operate above, you can add more customers' WeChat to use it. When there are publicity activities, it will be released directly in the circle of friends. Of course Circle praise to promote fission.
    2. Platform promotion
    The above is the promotion method of WeChat as a channel. We can also use the platform to boring to publicize:
    M common B2B channels include Baidu love procurement, 360 Hui Hui Youcai, 58 City, Ganji.com, local forums, etc. Usually, product information can be published in these channels. You can publish the promotional information of physical stores and publish the B2B platform, which will also obtain traffic on these platforms.
    and the B2C platform, which is generally more common as a takeaway platform. You can advertise in it or you can implant publicity information in the store to promote users to enjoy the discounts to the offline physical store for consumption for consumption. , Increase the number of users.
    3. Local Internet celebrities
    In more physical store promotion, you can also hire famous local online celebrities for recommendation. Generally, the tariffs of local net reds are not high, and the effect is good. It is a good way.
    Summary: How to use the Internet to do the problem of promotion of physical stores, Qianjun Media discussed here. The above content is for reference only.

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