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  1. How to find a headhunting company? Under normal circumstances, it can be divided into three steps:

    The first step, select headhunting company.

    S selection companies with professional services. Only by digging in one industry can we be fully familiar with this industry. Moreover, only long -term contact with professional talents in their familiar fields, and long -term contact with professional talents, and well -known companies in this industry, can we help companies find the best talents in the shortest time.

    The headhunter company said he is good at any industry. I think you can consider giving up them. If each industry wants to cover, it may not mean all talents, but to each industry is not professional and floating on the surface.

    Step 2, look at the headhunter.

    The headhunter is like a hunter. The hunter's prey is not allowed to see the hunter's gun method. Bad.

    The good or bad of headhunters can be judged from these aspects:

    whether it has strong logical thinking ability and communication understanding ability.

    Is whether you have your own industry and position. There is its own unique insights on the industry, a solution that can quickly understand and understand corporate needs, and can give talent needs.

    Is whether it is familiar with the complete headhunting service process. Service processes include: customer needs analysis, visits selection, talent evaluation, interview recommendation, corporate compensation negotiation, background investigation, corporate offer, employment counseling, follow -up and feedback, 9 major links.

    The whether there is a strong sense of service.

    The third step, ask the price.

    The charge standards for each headhunting company are different. Some are priced at 20%-30%of the annual salary of the position. Some headhunting companies have to accept payment, while others have successfully recommended it before they start to give money.

  2. I am looking for it from the Internet, and there are companies that have introduced word of mouth through other colleagues.

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