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  1. As the post -market of the automotive industry, the auto repair industry is very profitable and the industry prospects are very broad. This has also attracted many people to learn to learn auto repair. However, where to learn auto repair is controversial. Some people say that they study at the technical school, and some people say that they can go to the auto repair factory as apprentices and follow the master directly. The two argues endlessly Essence So, where is it better to learn auto repair? Is it going to the auto repair plant or a car training school?
    First of all, let's take a look at the method of going to the auto repair factory as an apprentice. Some people think that when they are apprentices in the auto repair factory, they can get fast. If they encounter an experienced predecessor, they will grow faster. However, everyone who had worked as an apprentice in the auto repair factory knew that at the beginning of the students, they were mixed in two or three years. They worked every day, and they had to do everything, but they could not repair the car independently. As for how many major systems on the car, which institutions are composed of and how the automotive power is generated and transmitted, few can answer. The problems that can be dealt with can only be some simple accidents. The promotion space is small, and the space for technical improvement is even smaller. Some people also learn theoretical knowledge while studying apprentices, but they are very hard to say. When they encounter problems, they cannot find suitable people to ask for advice and discussion, and progress is slow.
    It is to study for regular car training schools. Some people think that the training school only teaches the theory and does not practice, which is also the current situation of some lack of strength training schools. If you choose a professional car school, these concerns are not a problem at all. The school adopts the teaching philosophy of "three -point theory, seven points practice" and "courageous integration". Students can have a lot of practical opportunities when they are at school. They can sign an employment agreement when entering school. Essence At the same time, the school will regularly invite the technical director of companies such as BMW and BYD to come to the school to teach to allow students to learn the most advanced cutting -edge automotive technology, which is much better than learning in the auto repair factory. In addition, the school has created a sound entrepreneurial assistance system for entrepreneurial students, such as the support of the proofing, the location of the store, and the purchase of the equipment to assist students to successfully start a business.
    In fact, the most important point is: maintain a heart of learning at all times. The school can give you a more suitable learning environment, more comprehensive and advanced technical support, more high -end employment opportunities and better salary. So, can you make your own choice?

  2. Hello, where can I learn from the GAE to learn? You can go to school or go to a repair shop as an apprentice, you can choose it yourself.
    1. Is it better to go to school or apprentice? First of all, the school will follow the steps to start from the basics, step by step from shallow to deep. The teacher's work is to impart skills, so it will be more serious and responsible for imparting the skills of students. Students are all enrolled at the same level, the foundation is similar, and the age is similar. They can communicate with each other and discuss each other, which greatly causes the interest of learning. In addition, schools can fully train.
    2, better to go to school or apprentice? It is better to learn professional technology to go to a professional school! The school's teaching system is step by step, combines theory and reality, and the teaching equipment is advanced, can be in line with enterprises, can learn more advanced technology. Choosing a repair factory means learning while working. If you are willing to teach, low learning efficiency and other issues, personal suggestions are better to study at school!
    3, better to go to school or apprentice? When you are an apprentice, there is no theoretical knowledge to pave the way. And the repair shop is mainly profitable, and the boss will not let the students practice casually in the customer's car. Learn more and less depending on the master.
    I answers are for reference only!

  3. Learning Auto Repair suggested to study in a professional auto repair school, and we must analyze from the following aspects on the spot. First, the school we choose must have strong teachers. The leader of the auto repair community in this industry can not only give us good technology. The main thing is to indicate the direction of this industry. The second is that this school can meet the needs of our practice. Because of the learning of any technology. Not only the theoretical learning. You must also have practical learning. There is a good learning environment in one. These three aspects are important. So we must choose cautiously.

  4. Lanxiang Auto Repair College is better or goes to the shop you know when you open a shop. You can go to school or help him to teach you

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