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  1. 1. Yuancheng Group: Transfer with the heart, and can reach the world.
    2 Da Tian Logistics: I promise, I realize it.

    3. Eternal Forklift (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.: Machines. Ideas. Solutions.
    4. Xi'an South City World Logistics Base: Global Trading Platform, Xi'an South City.
    5. China Railway Modern Logistics Technology Co., Ltd.: Integrity is far away, customer first, break the border, and coordinate development. Shentong Express has achieved you and me!
    6. Zhongtong Express: It is well -known in China and reach the world.
    7. Shanghai Yuantong Express Co., Ltd.: Customer requirements, Yuantong mission.
    8. Shanghai Yunda Freight Co., Ltd.: Group strategy and group strength, create value!
    9. Shanghai Quanyi Express Co., Ltd.: The whole process is to deliver.
    10. Sea Aerospace Express (Longnan County Branch): Enjoy life and HNA transmission.
    11. China Yicai Group: Easy to circulate, through the world.
    12. Line Alliance Logistics Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.: "Special Line Alliance" is to get up to the alliance in accordance with certain standards and requirements in accordance with certain standards and requesting the alliance, to aggregate a system operation platform and share the supply of platforms!
    13. China Logistics Co., Ltd.: The needs of customers are the starting point of our work.
    14. Zhongyuan Logistics Storage and Distribution Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia Branch: It is smooth and transmitted to civilization.
    15. Beijing treasure supply Futian Logistics Co., Ltd.: carrying heavy trust, achievement value.
    16. Beijing Belleway Logistics Co., Ltd.: Liva Tong Four Seas, Budaida World.
    17. Beijing Jingyuanda Logistics Co., Ltd.: Fast, more saving, more accurate!
    18, Beijing Hezhong Oshi Logistics Co., Ltd.: Hedong Logistics, your good helper!
    19. Beijing Tianyun Litong Transportation Co., Ltd.: Hongyun Tiancheng Changlong Liying.
    20. Beijing Long -term Logistics Co., Ltd.: Traveling the world, long -term.
    1. Beijing Hutchison Jingtai Logistics Co., Ltd.: Up and down, know the new and welcoming the new, work together, and win the future.
    2. Shanghai Tiandao Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.: Ji Ji Tianxia, ​​Taoism is natural.
    3. Shanghai Ziwei Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.: Son of Oriental, great industry.
    24. Shanghai Wanjia Logistics Co., Ltd.: Genesis Wanjia; Create a century -old brand; the spirit of Yang team;
    25. Shanghai Huier Logistics Co., Ltd.: More trustworthy and entrusted.
    6. Shanghai Shenghua Logistics Co., Ltd.: Shengdao Wuji Huatong World.
    7. Shanghai Huaying Logistics Co., Ltd.: At the top of the food chain, unified supply chain center, and casting the cornerstone of China.
    8. Shanghai Chunyu Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.: One -stop supply chain of Chunyu Global Chemical Engineering.
    9. Zhejiang Chuanhua Highway Port Logistics Development Co., Ltd.: Integrate creative value.
    30. Zhejiang Tonguan Logistics Development Co., Ltd.: Provide you with a trusted cold chain integration and logistics services.
    31. Zhejiang Bada Logistics Co., Ltd.: Bada Logistics, the same flow of mind.
    32. Hangzhou Tongchuang Logistics Consulting Co., Ltd.: Exist for solving problems.
    3. Zhejiang Xinyan Logistics Co., Ltd.: Xinyan helps you save money for a long life.
    4. Shanghai Han Miao Logistics Co., Ltd.: As long as the price is reasonable and cannot reach, as long as you promise, you will swear to complete the promise.
    35. Zhejiang Chuanshan Jiami Material Supply Chain Co., Ltd.: Kawashan Interactive, the Gongjia world.
    36, Zhejiang Inte Logistics Co., Ltd.: Intellar Logistics, Health Messenger.
    37. Zhejiang Jiulong International Logistics Co., Ltd.: Modern logistics is not only solved transportation and warehousing, but also the value of innovative enterprises.
    38. Zhejiang Lutong Logistics Co., Ltd.: World Logistics, Lu Tong set off.
    3. Zhejiang Shuangma International Freight Co., Ltd.: Shuangma Logistics, Freight Global.
    40. Zhejiang Huilian Logistics Co., Ltd.: Gather the advanced concept of modern logistics, and linked the mutual benefit and win -win situation of enterprises from all walks of life.
    41, Zhejiang Logistics Network: The common home of the logistics person.
    42. The world is smooth and the world is connected.
    43. Zhejiang Lianhang Logistics Co., Ltd. Lianhang Logistics, logistics global.
    44. Hangzhou Nansha Transportation Co., Ltd.: People in Nansha, the love of Nansha, the love of Nansha; wherever there is, there is Nansha;
    45, Luzhou Jiufang Logistics Co., Ltd.: , Logistics Nine Fang.
    46. Hangzhou Changyun Transportation Group Co., Ltd.
    47. Hangzhou Panyuan International Logistics Co., Ltd.: We Care We Can.
    48, Ningbo Famous Logistics Group Co., Ltd.: Centennial for 100 years, creating the future!
    49. Wenzhou Lufu Logistics Co., Ltd.: gallop the world, logistics China!
    50. Jiaxing Jingcheng Transportation Co., Ltd.: Create more value for enterprises
    51, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New District Shanghang Logistics Co., Ltd.: Service casting is honest, and integrity achieves a win -win situation.
    52. Huzhou Yitong Logistics Co., Ltd.: One Chi Qian Mi is far away, and the morals are all in the eight directions.
    53. Hua'an Hua'an Logistics Development Co., Ltd.: "Hua'an --- Care every entrustment of your entrustment".
    54. Ningbo Dabang International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.: Global Bida. Mission to Bang Dangbang Freight.
    55, Jiangsu Anbang Logistics Co., Ltd.: Changing with you, act immediately.
    56. Changzhou Zhengcheng Logistics Co., Ltd.: Zhengcheng Logistics is full of world, and sincerely serve you and me.
    57. Small and medium -sized enterprise development center in Mudu New District: Gathering the circulation of the Quartet promotes the development of the Communist Party to create a glorious tomorrow.
    58. Suzhou Hanshou Federation Technology Co., Ltd.: Make the logistics easier.
    59. Suzhou Qiangsheng Freight Co., Ltd.: Strong Freight. Freight nationwide. Live in the vehicle.
    0. Shenzhen Feiyang Express International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.: Integrity Logistics.
    61. Jingyang Logistics Co., Ltd., Hunan Province: Honesty and benevolent, Xingjia Jianye, seeking truth, pragmatism, innovation and pioneering.
    62, Wulancha Buhua Tong Logistics Co., Ltd. plant grassland, and is determined to be in the Quartet.
    63, Shandong Jiayi Logistics Co., Ltd.: Logistics service starts with bit by bit.
    64. Inner Mongolia Yuanfu Group: Taking love as Yuan, Fuze World.
    65, Shandong Rongqing Logistics Co., Ltd.: We are attentive and rest assured.
    66. Shandong Gechi Group: Casting Gaishi brand created a century -old foundation.
    67. Qingdao International Shipping Exchange: Hanghui Baichuan Yunji's four seas to negotiate the five continents.
    68. Qingdao Sirui International Logistics Co., Ltd.: Mindi Rui Xingyida.
    69. Qingdao Wald Modern Logistics Co., Ltd.: Create successfully.
    70, Anhui Spring Logistics Co., Ltd.: The most trusted logistics service provider in China.
    71. Hefei Qianshi Cargo Transfer and Endellers (Shanghai Qianshi Logistics Co., Ltd. Hefei Branch): Focus on service and coordinated development.
    72. Shenyang Zhongshen Group is people -oriented and pursues perfect services;
    73, Hunan New Product Modern Logistics Co., Ltd.: You are a bridge, I am the shore;
    74. Minsheng Shipping Co., Ltd.: Serving the society with the best quality work, influence society with the best style, and dedication to society with the best achievements.
    75. Chengdu Yima Museum Stream Consulting Co., Ltd.: Yibo Consultation, build the first brand of China Logistics Consultation.
    76. Dalian Qianhan International Logistics Co., Ltd.: Qiankun is vast, accompanied by the way!
    77, xx Logistics: New value of the heart
    78, Shenzhen Aviation Co., Ltd.: Natural consideration at any time.
    79, Guangdong Yuantai New Energy Co., Ltd.: Far Fight, Tai'an Eight Party.
    0. Dongguan Jiayunmei Express Service Co., Ltd.: True efforts to build national brand express!
    81, Dongguan Lianhao Tong Express Co., Ltd.: Lianhao Tong, Lianhao Tong, more successful with your career!
    82, Heilongjiang Province Ha Mu Suidong Investment Co., Ltd.: Financial World Logistics Four Seas.
    83. Canadian International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.: Drinking Water Source, thanks to Dade.
    84, Xiamen Chengda Express International: Houde carrier, becoming a person.
    85. China Fanghua Business International Logistics Co., Ltd.: Chinese and Chinese businessmen, make the world smoother!
    86. Fujian Bayang Logistics Co., Ltd.: wholeheartedly, logistics from all directions.
    87. Fujian Quanzhou Freight Company: Customer first, service first!
    88. Fujian Sitong Logistics Group: Chuangsong brand builds a first -class enterprise.
    89. Fuzhou Chuangjie International Express Co., Ltd.: wider, faster, and more convenient.
    0. Fuzhou Debang Logistics Co., Ltd.: Safe and convenient, customer first, scientific management, quality services.
    91. Fuzhou Maolong Logistics Company: Customer first, service first.
    92. Jianfa Logistics Group Co., Ltd.: Unity, dedication, integrity, and enterprising.
    93, Quanzhou Fengze District Suo'an Freight Forwarding Service Department: Integrity, efficiency, innovation, pragmatic unity.
    94. Fujian Rongtai Logistics Group Co., Ltd.: It operates a life with people -oriented business.
    95, Xiamen Xinan Huroid Logistics Co., Ltd.: Integrity is gold, security timeliness, and serving merchants.
    96, Bayifang Tuofu Logistics Co., Ltd.: Unity communication and learning innovation.
    7. Fujian Baoda Logistics Co., Ltd.: Customer first serving society.
    98. Fujian Huawei Logistics Co., Ltd.: Develop first -class service of modern logistics.
    99. Fujian Shanntong Logistics Co., Ltd.: Quickly and convenient to achieve customers.
    100, Fuzhou Darong Tree Logistics Co., Ltd.: Customer first innovation development.
    101, Fuzhou Hongxing Weiye Logistics Co., Ltd.: Unity and hard work, strengthening, bigger and bigger.
    102, Fuzhou Mingjia Logistics Co., Ltd.: Serve the people wholeheartedly.
    103, Fujian Hongjie Logistics Co., Ltd.: We care for the whole process, you can rest assured to entrust.
    104, Xiamen Haitou Logistics Co., Ltd.: Centennial Chinese merchants, perfect.
    105, Sanming Sannong Transportation Co., Ltd.: Safe, time and fast economy.
    106, Sanming Xuxin Transportation Co., Ltd.: first -class cooperative innovation service.
    107. Fujian Shengfeng Logistics Group Co., Ltd.: Cherish the entrustment, just send it.
    108, Fujian Shenghui Logistics Group Co., Ltd.: Let me send it, I am the fastest!
    109. Shishi City is so fast Logistics Co., Ltd.: Treating guests with sincerity to believe in people.
    110, Fujian Shihua Petroleum Transport Co., Ltd.: Safety first, integrity -based.
    111, Xiamen Shun Tongda Logistics Co., Ltd.: with customer -oriented, dedication as its own responsibility, and talent as the fundamental.
    112, Xiamen Tianlu Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.: Safety creation benefits, reputation for development, and service creation.
    113, Xiamen COSCO Logistics Co., Ltd.: The flow of things is smooth, and the civilization is passed.
    114. Fujian Xingtai'an Logistics Co., Ltd.: Logistics spans 10 million miles, serving the people at zero distance
    115, China Xiamen Foreign Wheel Agency Co., Ltd.: expert agency, humanized service
    116, Fujian, Fujian, Fujian, Fujian, Fujian, Fujian, Fujian, Fujian, Fujian Quanzhou Sui'an Logistics Company: active service, high -quality service, efficient service.
    117. Quanzhou Hao Fast Logistics Co., Ltd.: First -class service, customer requirements, but I pursue it.
    118. Fujian Anxi Logistics Company: Your satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit. Gathering here, starting from here, gathered the world and circulate the world.
    119, Fujian Jinjiang Logistics Company: Integrity, reputation, soul, pursuing excellence, Yongchuang first.
    120, Xiamen Yanhui Logistics Company: Your satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit, gathering here, starting from here, gathered the world, circulating the world.
    121. Wuhan New Century Shanghui Metal Material Market Co., Ltd.: Shanggui Integrity Hui Hui World.
    122, Debon Logistics (recommendation): Carrying trust and help success.
    123, Beijing Jingchuan Logistics (recommended): Quickly travel the world, the mission must reach.
    124. Hebei Shunbang Logistics Co., Ltd. (recommendation): He Zexing, Shun Zeta.
    125, Anji Automobile Logistics (recommended): The vastness is fine.
    126, Yutong.com (recommended): Fangshang Sitong Financing the world.
    127, dhl (recommendation): Excellence, only for delivery.
    128. Federal Express Fedex (Recommended): Mission must reach.
    129, Daxinhua Logistics (Recommended): Houde load, to the world

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