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    Since last year, the industry has been looking forward to LED lighting into the scope of fiscal subsidies, and reducing costs to promote the promotion and popularization of LED lighting. Earlier, there have been various rumors about LED lighting subsidies. Now the specific content of various items has finally come out of the water. According to industry analysts, the subsidy is not large in terms of scope and amount, mainly to play a role of demonstration and guidance. Nevertheless, this still opened the prelude to the LED lighting subsidy policy. In the context of batch IPOs, industrial investment, and overcapacity of LED companies, this subsidy policy is like mannal, injected catalysts into the development of the LED industry.
    Analyzing the driving factor of the rapid development of China's LED lighting industry, national policies have played an important role in promoting. In recent years, the state has released a number of policies to support the development of the LED industry. In 2008, the Ministry of Science and Technology proposed a pilot demonstration project of "10 Ten Cities" LED applications. In 2011, the state released the gradual elimination of incandescent lamps in China to determine that it gradually eliminated incandescent lamps from October 1, 2012. At the same time, some local policies have been introduced to support the development of the local LED industry. The industry is expected to be the frequent period of policy this year, so during this period, the formulation of LED -related standards is expected to accelerate. Policy support will further leverage the LED lighting application market, accelerate the demonstration application and popularization of LED lighting, and is expected to fundamentally alleviate the pressure of overcapacity of chip.
    The industry insiders believe that the government's relevant support policies will create huge market demand for energy -saving lamps and LEDs. According to media reports, the heads of the relevant departments of the Development and Reform Commission have stated that during the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" period, the LED industry is expected to achieve twice the goal. The industry is generally more optimistic: It is expected that by 2015, China's outdoor LED lighting penetration rate will reach 60%-80%, indoor commercial LED lighting penetration rate will reach 25%-30%, indoor furniture LED lighting penetration rate is about 5%-10 %, The overall penetration rate of LED lighting in the Chinese market will reach or even more than 20%.
    The large LED companies in China are quite optimistic about the prospects of LED lighting in outdoor and business fields. They believe that subsidy policy will accelerate the promotion of LED lighting in outdoor and business fields. At present, the cost of LED lighting is declining, and it has gradually become cost -effective in outdoor and business fields, and demand has maintained rapid growth. According to industry analysts, from this subsidy policy, terminal lighting companies will directly benefit from subsidy policies, and packaging and chip companies can also indirect benefits. With the subsidy, the price -performance ratio of the product will be further increased and will further drive consumer demand. Optimistic estimation, if the subsidy amplitude of reference to energy-saving lamps will continue to make financial subsidies in the future, the terminal price of LED lighting will decrease by 30%-50%, which will greatly stimulate the needs of end users. In addition, government bidding requires enterprises to pass CQC quality testing and energy conservation certification, which will also help improve users' recognition of LED lighting quality. In short, the LED lighting market has accelerated, and the domestic LED industry will maintain a stable growth in the next few years.

  2. Based on the landing and overwhelming price of LED lamps, Samsung and many LEDs in China have stepped into the LED lighting market. Now the LED industry is widely expected to reach about 3%compared to the 2010 global LED lighting penetration and exaggeration rate. The leakage rate of LED lighting in 2011 is expected to reach 6 ~ 10%. The upstream MOCVD machine will increase by 5 times by 2011, which will definitely attract 15 times the capacity of production capacity.
    For LED lamp manufacturers, the landing of LED prices is a side impact, which can make their products be more responsible for users, and they also have low capital efficiency to achieve low capital and obtain market profits. In 2011 During the trend of the capital of the year low chip, the price of LED lamp bilots will continue to decline. Large -sized LCD backlight and LED lighting are not expected to become a dual engine for promotion.
    . The backlight is the best release port of the capacity of this year. If the backlight increases this year, the price of LED is probably held up. Conversely, by June, with the reduction of upstream chip production capacity, the cost of LED groups will land by 30%. Now, they once felt the stock pressure of several major international chip giants with their long -lasting mutual assistance.
    Source: info.chyxx/dzdq/201109/

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