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  1. Detailed interpretation of cable models and cable specification models,
    have a wide range of cables, and the application environment is complicated, so the types of cables are diverse. Cable specification models represent the characteristics and core and cross -sectional area of ​​the cable. It is an important reference data for the cable selection. Each cable letter number has a special meaning. Let ’s discuss the meaning of cable models and the questions of the cable specification models in the industry with colleagues in the industry. Finally, the cable specification model table is attached.

    The various models of cable

    The cable model composition

    The model of the cable consists of eight parts:

    Code-does not marked the power cable, K is control cable, P is the signal cable;

    . The insulation code-Z oil immersion, X rubber, YJ cross-linked polyethylene

    . The conductor material code-not marked as copper, L is aluminum;

    . V Pigmeal B Rubbing Case

    Five, derived code-D without dripping, P dry insulation;

    . n 7. Special product code -TH humidity tropical, TA dry tropical;

    , rated voltage-unit KV related cable model problems

    As follows:

    [1: category, use] [2: conductor] [3: insulation] [4: internal care layer] [5: structural features] [6: outer care layer or derivative]- [7: Use features]

    1-5 and seventh item expressed in Pinyin letters, polymer materials are represented by English names in English, each item can be 1-2 letters; 6th alphabet; 6th The item is 1-3 numbers.

    The omission principles in the model: Copper in the wire and cable product is the main conductive material, so the copper core number T is written, except for the nude wires and nude conductivity. Naked wires and nude -conducting systems, power cables, and electromagnetic wire products do not indicate large categories, and electrical equipment use wire and cables and communication cables are not listed, but small or series codes are listed. The seventh item is a mark of various special uses or additional special use requirements. Sometimes this item is written to the front. Such as ZR- (flame retardant), NH- (refractory), WDZ- (low smoke and halogen, corporate standards), -TH (used in damp-hot areas), FY- (anti-termites, corporate standards), etc.

    The meaning of cable model

    cable model meaning

    1) Category, use code
    na-installation line B-insulation line

    c-ship cable K-control cable P-signal cable

    N-agricultural cable R-soft wire U-mining cable
    ny- mobile cable JK- Insulation cable

    m-combustion-retardant NH-refractory type

    za-A-level flame retardant ZB-B flame retardant n
    zc-C-level flame retardant WD-low-smoke halogen

    is not marked with power cable

    2) conductor code
    nt — copper wire ( Usually not standard) L-aluminum core

    3) insulation layer codes

    V-PVC plastic (polythel chloride) Y-PE (polyethylene material)
    yj-XLPE insulation (cross-linked polyethylene) X — rubber

    F — polytetrafluoroethylene Z-oil dipping
    n4) R nV-PVC suite Y-polyethylene material N-nylon cover

    P-copper wire woven shield P2-copper belt shield

    L-cotton yarn woven wax Q- Leading bag

    L aluminum bag, H oranges

    s — aluminum, steel double -layer metal shielding polyethylene sheath
    n5) Feature code

    B-flat R-soft C-heavy (self-inheritable)

    Q-light G-high pressure? (High frequency isolation?) Machine S-twisted type

    T —— Petroleum cream filling

    therbiad code-D without dripping, P dry insulation;
    6) Armor Layer number

    0 no


    2 double -layer steel band polyvinyl chloride jacket
    3 Fine round steel wire polyethylene jacket

    4 Coarse round steel wire

    5 wrinkles (rolled pattern) steel belt
    n6 double aluminum (or aluminum alloy) band r

    7 copper wire woven

    8 steel wire woven

    7) External care layer code
    n1 — fiber layer 2 — PVC set 3 — PE 3 — PE Set

    23 ——Bolled anti -corrosion steel belt around Polyethylene

    33 —— Single -layer fine steel wire armor polyethylene quilt

    43 —— Single -layer crude steel wire armor loaded polyethylene quilt

    53 —— — 外 外
    n553 — double layer Steel wrinkle vertical armor polyethylene exterior layer

    What to think of the square model of the cable?

    1. According to national standard specifications: cable wiring table There should be marking parameters such as manufacturer names, product models, square specifications, and rated voltage. When problems occur during the use of the cable, they can find the manufacturer in time. Consumers must pay attention to this when buying the cable. At the same time, consumers should pay attention to whether the manufacturer name, product model, the rated voltage and the rated voltage and the surface of the wires are consistent when purchasing the cable.

    2, cable specifications format format: yjv-3*185 2*95, model a few times of this format indicates the number of cable cores of the first few fingers, the second finger of the second finger It is the cross -sectional area of ​​a single core; it means a YJV cable composed of 3 core section 185 square meters and 2 core section 95 square millimeters.

    3, cable specifications Fangfang computing formula: Use a cashmere caliper to measure the diameter of the metal wire (represented by D). Calculate the cross -section of the cable copper conductor, the formula is: s = 3.14*(d/2)*(d/2), that is, the area of ​​the circle. Multi -stock core glue is combined, and the total number of shares can be multiplied after calculating a single -stock area.

    4. Example Cable Specification Model. —Alinter -linked polyethylene insulation, V — Polyvinyl chloride cover or a flame retardant cover with polyvinyl chloride as a base material, 0.6/1.0 -the rated resistance of the cable UO/U = 0.6/1.0kV, 4 × 4 × 4 × 95 1 × 50 — the cable (that is, 5 -core cables) of the five -rooted insulating wire core, of which 4 95 square millimeter conductors insulating wires are added with a 50 -square millimeter conductor insulating wire.

    The cable specification model table Daquan

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  2. YSV: Polyethylene insulated polyvinyl chloride shothhery condom cable
    44: single core wire, the cross -sectional area is 44 square millimeters? Not sure

  3. The first Y should also be V, copper -core polyvinyl chloride insulating polyvinyl chloride sheet steel band armor cable. The ground line 16 does not belong to the national standard, and the national standard should be 25 square meters. If the design is reasonable, it will not affect the use.

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