I want to engage in the glasses industry, but I don't know where to learn from? Ask for advice.

2 thoughts on “I want to engage in the glasses industry, but I don't know where to learn from? Ask for advice.”

  1. There is a certain threshold for the glasses industry. For entrepreneurs who do not understand, it is recommended to learn and understand first. The following is briefly introduced:
    . From the perspective of the opening of the glasses shop

    In the store opening conditions, such as how to investigate the market, how to choose the location and decoration of the store, what documents and technologies are needed, where to get from it, where is it required? Buy equipment to purchase, how much employees are recruited, how to manage glasses shops in daily life, how to do publicity activities, what employees are to train, join or drive by themselves, and so on. The process of understanding is also a process of preparation. If you know it clearly, you will be ready.
    . From the perspective of simply working
    It to do technical work, then professional study, prepare to test the skill certificates such as optical staff, fixed -supporting workers, and then work in the glasses shop or related enterprises. If you want to do sales work, go directly to the optical shop for internship, find those glasses shops with training and improvement, and learn glasses, matching, sales and other skills.
    The opening of the glasses shop basically includes technical, sales, management and other techniques, so there are difficulties and thresholds. Be sure to prepare and decide carefully.

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