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  1. WeChat group announcement setting steps are as follows: (Taking WeChat 8.0.28 as an example) must be a group owner or group management to set
    to open WeChat
    Three points, in the upper right corner
    Click the group announcement, fill in the group announcement in the input bar in the input bar n, click to complete the upper right corner.
    The members in the group here will receive

  2. How to set the WeChat group announcement:
    The following I use the mobile phone WeChat 8.027 version to show you
    1, first open WeChat, and then find the group to send group announcements, as shown in the figure below:
    2, open the group to open the group Select [Three points] in the chat page as shown in the figure below:
    3, then select the group announcement, as shown in the figure below:
    4, then edit the group announcement, and finally select it, as shown in the figure below:

    If attention
    Group announcements can only be issued by the management rights of the group, the group owners and administrators can send, and ordinary members cannot send it.

  3. WeChat group announcement can be set through the following steps:
    The WeChat version is the latest 8.0.29.
    1. Open the WeChat group chat window and click the "three points" in the upper right corner (as shown below):

    2. Click the "Group Announcement" function to see the display of the display (as shown in the figure below ):

    3. Fill in the group announcement you want to write in the input bar, and then click the completion in the upper right corner to release it. The members in the group will receive n

  4. You can refer to the setting of vivo mobile phone: turn on WeChat-click the group chat-click "..."-click the group announcement to edit and modify. When the group announcement is set to the group to be done, the group members need to click the group announcement to complete.
    Note: At present, only group owners and administrators can edit group announcements.

  5. WeChat group announcement settings we only need to complete in three steps. The specific operation is as follows:
    The first step: first turn on the WeChat group and click "Chat Message".

    Step 2: Click "Group Announcement".

    Step 3: First enter the content of the announcement, then click "Completed", and finally click "Published".

    The renderings of the group announcement.

    This Reminder:
    The above operation versions are Version 8.0.28 setting group announcements only group owners and administrators can edit. I hope my answers help you.

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