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  1. Introduction: The power of love is so large that people can forget everything, but they are so small that even a jealous sandstone cannot accommodate. Here I will introduce the work of the work of the work. Welcome everyone to read the reference!
    The work inspiration speech has passed by 1 time. It has a year and a half. The newly -employed ignorant cyan is also slowly retreating, and the anxiety of just posting is gradually dissolving. I have changed from unknown college students to the young class teacher who led 33 students, and entered another teaching campus from one learning campus. One and a half years of work experience is too small, and work perception is too simple. However, I am growing up and I am slowly mature.
    Remember that when I first arrived at the school, I was a young teacher who had just arrived, no matter how enthusiasm for colleagues in the office and how to help me adapt to the new environment, I still felt at a loss and could not be confused. When thinking about how to do a good job of teaching, the school arranged me a master to make me familiar with the work of mathematics teaching and class teacher. Under the careful guidance of the master, I gradually got on the road with lack of teaching experience, so that I had a deeper understanding of the work of the class teacher. It also made me take a lot of detours.
    , as a teacher, no matter how long it is on this road, it is actually a process of learning. Although learning is important, it is also necessary to have a direction and a leader, so at work, he is also asking the old teachers to ask for advice from the old teachers in order to allow you to invest in work as soon as possible in the shortest time. What I lack in the class is smooth and free. The previous and next links are always stiff and dragged, which is very unnatural. I asked a teacher in the office on this question. I asked him how to run through the classroom well. He said that you have to listen to more lessons, collect more online to see how the famous teachers are dealt with. Learning is a teacher, and the most important point is that you must "realize" yourself. President Wang also said "Introduction to Entry Tao"! I want to live as a teacher even more.
    The August 20xx I was fortunate to join the ranks of the class teacher. In the preface of "The Teacher's Work Talk", Wei Shusheng said, "Be a teacher without being a class teacher. Essence Although I am not familiar with this job, as long as I have enthusiasm, love, and perseverance, I believe it will do well. I am the idealism of the first class teacher. To be honest, it is easy to say, but it is difficult to do it. The head teacher is not facing a person, but a group of people. Everyone has thoughts, let alone children aged 12 or 13? At the beginning, the head teacher did not expect that the work was so cumbersome. The daily large and small things could not be rest at all day long, and forgot about it. On the road to class management, I still bumped, very immature, but what I want to say is to be the management of the class teacher, which made me learn calm and learn calm.
    1. Do a good job of communication with the parents of students
    33 students, 32 are residents. Compared with the parents of students in the city, most rural parents do not pay enough attention to their children's learning. In their concepts, learning knowledge teachers, what parents should do is to earn money for children to eat and drink. Many students are learning in learning. In terms of behavior habits, it is easy to have some problems. In order to allow parents to better understand the learning status and performance of students, I often communicate with parents to communicate with the phone. Ma Wenzheng in the class usually do homework is often slow to cut corners, and often empty or write a few words when doing the questions. This situation is particularly obvious in the weekend operations, and even on weekends do not write. Whenever I Monday, my criticism of its storms, or the advice on it and the wind drizzle, the effect has always been obvious. In order to change this situation, I have told his children's homework several times to tell his parents. At first, parents just said a few words, "Did he ask him at home to finish his homework? He finished writing!" Later, I asked parents to talk in person to emphasize the importance of parental supervision. As parents, even if they could not help their children to check the homework, The right or wrong, at least the supervision is in place to ensure that the operation is completed and the quality is completed. Although there is only a little effective, I think as long as I continue to communicate with parents, students will be able to slowly change his bad habits!
    2. Following and caring for every student
    Dou Yukun is a famous little bully and studying trage in our class. In the class, he often bully classmates. How many times he said, he always lying on the desk with nothing to draw or slamming small things. The ground around the table was garbage, and he said it once. I also listened to this for this, but once a few students quietly said to me, "We have lost money, we all suspect that Dou Yukun took it" I suddenly felt that I could no longer let him like this. If he goes on like this, the child is really nothing, so I started talking to him and began to ask him to do some simple exercises every day to let him wipe the window sill and pour garbage. You can do a few simple mathematics questions, but the class is active, and the problem of the legs of Erlang has not changed. Now he has made a mistake, and I will never get too much. Sometimes I have a strong and severe criticism, and sometimes I will feel bitter and understand. I hope that through my education, he feels that I have not given up him, I am still in love with Guan Guan, and I hope he can improve it.
    Themailing to remember that the lessons I took in this year and a half periods have too many gaps and deficiencies compared with other experienced teachers. Whether it is the interpretation of teaching materials, the understanding of the teaching system, the control of the classroom, or the organization of the teaching language, the design of the book, the prestige of the teacher, etc., there are insufficient defects. And the half -semester. The grades made by the head teacher are not ideal, but I believe my dream hopes are ahead. I also believe that as long as I pay, I will definitely gain. I will continue to climb the peak in my heart with my hands, realize my teaching philosophy, and let students grow in happiness and learn in happiness. I still believe that my rookie can fly out of my own sky by relying on my own efforts in the future.
    It work perception speech 2 How to start a business in a case
    people will ask: "I have no job now, no income, and I have no experience. I can’t get funds. Do you? "
    In reality, someone asked me such a question? The fact is that no expert can make you money immediately. And my answer and suggestion are to take your most realistic capital -time, tightly lingering your entrepreneurial goals, and planning. There are step -by -step operations. Urgent and blindly have no help to entrepreneurship. Now now they are preparing for entrepreneurship, and they must be act immediately! Many people have always wanted to act. Of course, they will not be successful.
    For each of us, we must know that the biggest core motivation of our body is the brain. Starting a business is not the part of the neck, but the part of the neck. What kind of karma is created. How to create such questions. No matter what industry it is, what you do in the first step is to run yourself. Your biggest business is your entrepreneurial learning. This learning is not to go to school to study, but that you have to practice learning at work, learn what is useful for entrepreneurship, learn to start a business, and bring about wealth knowledge. If you want to open a restaurant, The best way to learn how to open a restaurant is to go to the hotel for a period of time. For example, when you go to the hotel to find a job, and go to the moment, you must find the measures and then enter it!
    has a student who has just graduated from a high -level culinary school. He knows that the chef is a very practical job. He ran many units and did not find a job. A large hotel, I asked a lot of dishes, more than 500 yuan at the checkout, but he had no money to check out. He took out his graduation certificate and said to the manager: Either I want to pay for you to pay for you. As soon as the manager was black, he asked the guy for two months to pay for the meal fee, so the guy began to work. He was willing to do it, dirty and exhausted, and soon the chef fell in love with him and accepted him as an assistant. If you want to study in a certain industry, then learn this guy, want measures to work in this industry, and you must think of measures!
    Of course, for some people, if you want to start a business, your own conditions have nothing. This state looks really uncomfortable. Now you are a piece of white paper. How can you run a blank you? Your advantage is that you have painted something on the paper, and you can draw a good painting. If you want to draw a tiger, then you go to the person who paint the tiger immediately; if you want to draw bamboo, you will be close to the person who painted bamboo immediately. Whether you are studying or learning, you can learn it. As long as you start at the beginning, time will help you. In the future, you will paint yourself, and you have to prepare pen and ink and paper. Good painting? You know, even if you don't have any funds, you still have yourself and time. This is equal to anyone of us. Create or seize entrepreneurial opportunities within a certain time. The main thing is that you must seize these opportunities and Give behavior through these opportunities to achieve entrepreneurial success.
    If entrepreneurship should not be good, the opportunity is generally hidden in the places you can see or inconspicuous; even if you are a small business, you are afraid that you will not do it well. Isn't it big? Bicycles and fried twist can be opened into hundreds of thousands of chain stores. Can you say that the business of repairing bicycles and frying twist is small? There are business opportunities in many places in life, and sometimes it is inconspicuous, but as long as you can enlarge its highlights and dig deep, you can gather a lot of wealth. There are no industries without making money, only those who do not make money in the money -making industry.
    will always prepare entrepreneurial resources as much as possible, these are the conditions for starting a business in the future. To prepare at any time to seize the opportunity, the opportunity will not find you or wait for you alone. The opportunity will always belong to those who are prepared. They will always accumulate conditions for entrepreneurship and prepare; Determine, immediately pay a grand behavior, start the most brilliant career journey in your life -self -entrepreneurship!
    How long time is the low salary
    If you just graduated, it is only 700 yuan a month, what do you do?
    Is you may complain that if you have less salary, you are embarrassed to tell your family that you ca n’t afford to work at work. You work hard to save expenses, dare not go out with friends, and dare not have a travel plan. You are living, but there is no quality. You will always be entangled: should I resign?
    The friend Xiao Ke, he once got a salary of 700 yuan a month. He signed a joint venture company, but the salary of employees was poor. Another classmate in the class gave up when he signed an agreement. He said that the salary was too low and beyond the bottom line. However, Xiao Ke signed.
    has no dormitory in the unit. Xiao Ke rented a student dormitory nearby. In this way, it only costs more than 100 yuan a month. He runs a bus monthly card and squeeze the bus to work every morning. Fortunately, the unit solves the food, so Xiao Ke usually does not spend much money. Many classmates' units have good salary benefits, and they are happy and happy. Only Xiao Ke got up earlier than chickens, and he did more than cattle, but only 700 yuan per month. We go to see him and grieved him. But Xiao Ke laughed and didn't feel embarrassed.
    Tho Ke will add two professional books every month. Turn on a few pages before going to work in the morning. When he was in the bus, he always said with his little Japanese dictionary. He said that it was not a bad thing to learn more foreign languages. He did not smoke, and occasionally drinking with us. In our words, it is a good young man.
    three months later, Xiao Ke ended the probation period, but the salary was still not much. One year later, Xiao Ke finally had a real junior technical position. At this time, a national project entered the R

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