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  1. In the process of buying a car, the owner has appeared in a lot of fun things to share with friends, like the joy of buying a car, the experience when playing the car, etc., but after there is a photo, I found that the words have been deserted. Recently Find "900 sentences of car sales for the first time". So we collected 18 good sentences, hoping that the owners were suitable for use.

    1. Then he will have his own opinion in buying a car. A business representative must develop diligent thinking. More questions can answer questions online. There is a reaction mechanism. To improve skills and words.
    2. The technique of survey can help you master the current situation of the customer. Good inquiries can guide you and customers to sell in the right direction. At the same time, you can find more information by asking you to persuade your customers.
    3, what are the gifts for? People who do car sales understand that the company has a lot of boutique presented to customers, but it is not sent casually. Try not to give customers additional gifts as much as possible without being able to persuade customers, because gifts also require costs, and gifts are equivalent to reducing their commissions. In the car sales, you can tell the customer: We have given you a lot of gifts. If we give it again at this price, it will be difficult to explain to the company. When you encounter a customer who insists on sending things, you must tell the customer that I will help you apply to the superior to make the customer feel that the gift is really valuable and you help him.
    4. The important rule of the strong first impression is to help others feel their important. 2) L0 S-Q

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