Who knows the advantages and disadvantages of the major brands in the lighting lighting industry? I want to switch to a lamp shop in the lighting city? What brands can consider? How about TCL lighting

3 thoughts on “Who knows the advantages and disadvantages of the major brands in the lighting lighting industry? I want to switch to a lamp shop in the lighting city? What brands can consider? How about TCL lighting”

  1. Your question should be answered from several aspects (I opened a lamp shop in Beijing):
    The brand in the lighting industry is really a lot, low -end brands will not say much, I mainly say a few of them. Middle and high -end, popular brand
    1. Strong comprehensive, products cover the brand and home brand
    (1) Philips: The industry boss, there is no more explanation, the product price is high, but the product is being affected Widely recognized, the disadvantage is that there is no market protection, it is given the money to give money. It is recommended to sell some
    (2) TCL lighting: behind the TCL group's strong support, it is almost the earliest domestic lighting brand in China. The product is very Comprehensive, product price is lower than Philips, engineering and retail are good
    (3) Panasonic Lighting: The market has not been fully opened, because the factory is in Beijing, it is only strong in Beijing, and the product price is very high is very high
    2. Brands that are mainly retail and are specialized in home
    (1) Op: Without explanation, ceiling lights are very professional. The engineering is its weakness.
    (2) Midea Lighting: A brand that has just been founded for less than 2 years. In the early stage of the market, it has a lot of market promotion, but it is not recommended to do it, because the beauty has been in a loss of losses because of the huge investment in the market. In fact, it has always been losing money. It is not ruled out that, like the Victoria's Lighting and Haier Lighting of the year, it is a short -lived and exited lighting industry. After all, TCL has been doing for so many years, not so easy to follow.
    The brand of other brands such as Liang A, Juhao, I always feel a bit cottage. The status is similar. If it is merged with Opu, it will be invincible
    (2) Three male Aurora: The main grille lamps, brackets
    (3) Sunshine lighting: The bracket is doing well in the market r r r r r r r

    The lighting industry will definitely be reshuffled in the next few years, because the national energy conservation standards and the requirements of the masses are increasing, and a large number of small manufacturers and small brands will be eliminated at that time. It is recommended that you choose one. Big brands do it. The advantage is that stable and after -sales service is guaranteed, but the investment may be large. Generally, the first batch of purchases said at least 200,000 in Op, TCL, about 100,000. There is no first batch of purchase requirements. Generally speaking, manufacturers will decorate you for free.
    The above is my personal opinion, for reference only!

  2. In recent years, the lighting industry has developed into a relatively high -profit industry. It is often seen that many friends want to do lamps, and they know nothing about this industry. Donglai Light answered many novice questions. The summary of these issues is summarized as follows:

    : How much does the lamp shop invest?

    The investment in the lamp shop is not very different from selling clothes. Some invest in hundreds of yuan on the stalls, and some invest in millions in the city center. So Donglai Determines suggest you. First of all, position the product type you want to run, whether it is mid -to -high -end or low -end. Product types are generally determined based on local market conditions and economic levels. Then there is scale and business direction. How big is the store, whether it is wholesale or retail, or engineering. Because this involves the amount of goods you want to. The second is store rent, decoration and taxation. There are two categories of decoration and presence to be confirmed by personal economic strength. The most important point is that the remaining part of the funds must be used for usage. It can ensure that you operate under normal circumstances.

    : How should I start?

    The lamps store, the first thing to confirm is the operating place. Where is the shop. What kind of market. Donglai Determination suggests you. The best way to confirm is to squat. You can go to your favorite store and stay for three consecutive days to analyze the traffic and store transaction rates. Special holidays. The place where it is operated is preferably in the decoration city, lamp city, building materials city, or electric materials, hardware, bathrooms, and furniture. In this way, we can better drive business.

    Secondly, the product positioning needs to be confirmed. Need to understand what style is the local architectural style? What is the level of consumption and about what style and price products are more acceptable. These need to go to the market to understand and analyze. There are wholesale or retail channels, or engineering. These depends on personal connections and capital strength.

    The last is to confirm that the decoration style is well matched with the products run, and the light position and shape showcase are placed.

    three: Is it better to join an agent or buy it yourself?

    For this way of business, Donglai Light recommends you, generally depending on personal needs and strength. The advantage of the agent to join is simple. Most things do not need to operate themselves, but the threshold is more expensive and generally expensive. It is not recommended for novices to do it. Large brands have invested more than 100,000 hundred thousand. Small brands are cheap, but it has no effect. As for your own purchase, the advantage is that you have strong flexibility, you can freely grasp business products and strength, and have strong adjustment of market adjustment. But it is cumbersome. If you buy it, if you have a large amount of goods, you can consider going to Zhongshan Ancient Town. Because there are many styles here, and they are all directly sold by manufacturers, and the price is relatively cheap. This can be more advantageous. However, it is not recommended that retailers go to ancient town to buy, because the price is cheaper. But travel and scheduling add up. The advantage is not very obvious. However, you can go to the ancient town to see, maybe you can have some experience?

    It's in terms of the rest of the details, welcome everyone to add me to add. I wish you all the best. Essence

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