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  1. You can go to [网 网 网] website to find the [Free] video tutorial of the "Illustration Design" section- [Click to enter] complete entry to proficient video tutorial list: /school /chahu? ZDHHR-10Y22R- n
    In the training institution in the field of "illustration design", [Wang's Education] is the boss of the country, and there is no franchise branch. They are all direct -operated chain campuses in the headquarters. Unlike many other large institutions of the same type, each campus of Wang's Education is a physical face, and the teacher is taught by hand, and there are special class teachers from morning to night. , Especially suitable for students with poor foundation.

    Me you can download the [学 学 学] app to your mobile phone, which is convenient for fragmented time to learn — painting science app download: /scripts /download

  2. 1. To understand the basic skills of illustration. Structure refers to the anatomy of things that is painted, and the illustrator must understand the inherent structure of animals or items. Muscle, bones, skin, hair, torso, root system, branches, leaves, leaves ... These are the composition of structure.
    2, followed by the software you want to use, you can find a lot of tutorials on this software on the Internet. By using a grid shape, or decomposing each object into more simple shapes, such as blocks or triangles To get a way to simplify the sketch.
    3, imitation, you can find some simple illustrations for copying. After achieving your satisfaction, you can find some relatively difficult illustrations you like to practice.
    4, usually look at some illustration works, refer to learning the skills of others, and exercise to strengthen yourself.
    5. Next, you can find some work about illustrations, not just to learn to grow at work.
    Extension information:
    1. As a form of art, illustration has become an important visual communication form of modern design. With its intuitive image, real sense of life and beauty, The design has a specific position and is now widely used in multiple fields of modern design.
    2, the main work of the illustrator includes drawing illustrations and covers such as books, magazines, newspapers, manuals, novels, textbooks and other publications, and also engaged in painting greeting cards, posters, advertisements, spray paintings, humorous paintings, etc. Divided into electronic illustrations and pure hand -painted.
    3, game and film and television illustration designers are huge demand, similar to the game industry. Each film and television works will also have a lot of mirror drawing and scene design work. A lot of demand.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-illustrator

  3. First illustration of the first illustration: even if the illustration is zero, it must have a good mentality. 0 Basic learning illustrations. For many friends who want to learn illustration, it is a blank number. 0 also means a lot of challenges, which allows many 0 -based friends to walk to the door of the illustration, and I can only leave two times and leave in my heart. No, hey, let's go.
    In fact, there is no need to have such a mentality at all. If you want to be an illustrator, you must first determine a correct concept: no matter who it is, it is impossible to illustrate it. They all start from zero -based small white. No matter who it is, there must be a process of growth. 0 is not our end point, but our starting point. 0 is where we rise. 0 The foundation does not matter. As long as you are willing to work hard, you will eventually use your hands to draw exquisite illustrations, look at the problem with development thinking, and do not limit your current.
    The second type of illustration is the second formula: even if it is very confused, there must be a good teacher. It is normal to start learning illustrations. It is normal to have a variety of confusion in your heart. Don't wait to solve the illustration of learning illustrations, because your confusion cannot disappear. Whose life is not confused, confusion is actually a human It is often psychological. We cannot dominate our lives by such a force, acknowledge confusion, respect confusion, break through confusion, and confused can accompany you, but you cannot be confused. The method is to have a good teacher, a good teacher, which will let you see the future, see hope, see what you can learn well.
    The students will say, where can I go to pull a good teacher, I haven't understood it myself. Even if there is a good teacher, people have not sponsored me. Now is the Internet era, learning is already a very convenient thing. I know a very bullish board painting illustration teacher. He talks about relevant knowledge points on the Internet at 8 o'clock every night. Listening to this teacher's lecture, there is a feeling of 醍醐 我. The original painting was so simple, real masters Teacher, it is easy to understand the complex things. The classmates who want to listen to this teacher can enter his board painting illustration and learning skirt: First of all, a set of numbers at the beginning are: 646, and then the number in the middle area Yes: 496, the last number in the tail is: 574, combine the above three sets of numbers in the order. Because of learning, it is powerful, because of strong, so there is a future, and the future is not waiting, nor is it complained. It is useless. They are all learned and done, and they are born as strong.
    The third illustration of the third illustration is the third formula: even if it is difficult to learn, it is easy to learn.
    The students will always stay in their own thinking space. I do n’t know which ghost is difficult to listen to the illustration. There is a sense of fear in my heart. Can this be learned? Is it suitable for me? In fact, what I want to say is that it is easy to do this year, and you have to suffer everything. To put it plainly, don't you just want to take the shortcut in the shortcut? Isn't it just wanting to board the sky one step? Frankly speaking, there are such situations, but very little, very few, do not belong to us, or solid study is the most reliable thing. Waiting for illustrations to become simple, waiting for the pie in the sky, it is a very important piece. The ridiculous thing is also a very wasteful thing. Everyone is an adult. Don't do this kind of naive dream. If you want to learn, you can open the posture. The ending of nothing,
    to send everyone an old saying: Is it difficult for the world? For this, it is easy to be difficult; Is it difficult for people to learn? If you learn it, it is difficult to learn if it is difficult;
    On how can I learn illustrations better and think about it. 1. Improved painting function and improve as much as possible.
    If you are determined to draw illustrations, picture books, etc., there is an interesting fact, painting skills, not so important.
    , even if it is a stick figure and a pencil villain, as long as you pass the information clearly, these are no problem.
    Of course, under the same conditions, it must be a good victory.
    Under feasible circumstances, try to improve your skills, but if you do n’t paint, you do n’t need to be sad. You can also draw illustrations.
    1. Draw first, and then solve it after you encounter a problem.
    The normal person, suddenly there is a strong want to draw, and generally have their own emotions to express. In this case, slowly talking about composition, picture composition, color, three -dimensional deconstruction, etc., will only crack down on painting enthusiasm and make you feel that painting is not fun. It is better to draw first, because you have a strong emotions and are not limited by the rules, the picture may be very interesting. When the screen is stuck, find the answer according to the question.
    is inaccurate in shape, and then supplement sketches. The color is ugly, and then read the color related.
    The composition has no new meaning, etc., find the right word, all missing points can be added.
    It searches, videos, blogs, and books with related words, all are available. You can find the suggestions that are more suitable for you according to comments.
    If you can PS, AI is naturally good. If you do n’t, learn slowly, do n’t have to learn all the functions at a time, and you can go to the problem. The most important thing is hand -drawn ability. When you encounter a problem, first find the answer from art knowledge. Sketch, structure, color and so on.
    In this lap, encounter a problem again, try to find answers from photography knowledge, composition, story, Guan Jian instantaneous, and so on. After this circle, I will get stuck, try to find the answer from the movie knowledge.
    It how to become a Chinese translation of the illustrator in Japan and South Korea, you can choose according to your own direction.
    How to become a distinctive illustrator, let yourself stand out? 1: Determine your style.
    . My work has my work on style and color preferences. I like Van Gogh, Kimi, Hayao Miyazaki.
    The game CG is also very beautiful, but I don't like it.
    In the style, the learning speed is faster, and some things do not need to learn at all.
    I did not learn perspective, stickers, etc. These are not too important in my screen. It can be solved slowly in the later period.
    but if you prefer human body, game warships, etc., perspective, stickers, and even 3D are necessary knowledge.
    2: Don't copy.
    In in -depth understanding of a work, you can make a similar style without plagiarism.
    If you can only copy and cannot create, the theoretical part needs to be supplemented. After understanding the theory, it is not difficult to create.
    If you don't understand, you can only draw the skin.
    3: After learning with a master, you can have the correct guidance after sending the work.
    The suggestion of the master, in the case of retaining your personal characteristics, point out the direction.
    and some good teachers often remove your characteristics and give modular suggestions to make the picture mediocre. Painting skills are not so important, your thoughts, feelings, and expression are more important.
    The people who are better than Hayao Miyazaki, but not everyone can move us.
    For example, in Beijing, Chen Danqing, Lao Shu painting, Huang Yongyu, etc., offline exchanges, you must listen to it. He said on the spot that his voice was very different from the video, and there were often opportunities for questions on the spot. Ask the masters, ask more theoretical questions, and don't ask if you are low -end hands -on questions.
    4: Participate in difficult competitions.
    Molying comparison with front -line masters, knowing where you are.
    . Try to do something that is slightly higher than your ability.
    I only painted a single page before, and for the first time to draw a picture book. I was a lot of errors in my hands, and I realized that I was lacking. After submitting the manuscript, the composition and creativity were excellent in the past few years. More clear the gap. Although you can pick up some foreign orders to understand the market recognition of the market, the newcomer does not need to draw too much time on it. When the technique is immature, try different techniques and draw more.
    常 often is a specified theme, specified style, and some illustrations are given to you even composition grass -like. The most difficult paintings have been omitted for you. And these two issues are the most needed to think about the illustrator: "What to draw?" "How to draw?"
    I like this sentence:
    History, but the history of changes in concepts and requirements.
    -Gondibri: "The Story of Art"
    painting skills are not so important. The information that wants to pass on the picture is more important.
    Is hope to help.
    In see the comments, add another point, how to maintain the correct direction:

    5. Be sure to communicate with the master,
    But enough information will let you adjust the direction.
    Once the review talks about color, composition, or lack of story, etc., from their feedback keywords, go to knowledge to learn. I must remember to be humble and polite, and be grateful. You must thank you more patient comments. Do n’t grute the party, ask the other party to make a detailed and detailed explanation of the other party. Once you give the keywords, go to buy a book to find a video to learn, let people see you sincerity.
    Mo -post this time has changed the old problem and developed a new style. They will see your sincerity and be more willing to communicate with you.
    I often encountered a private chat with a good -hearted person to tell me the picture problem. Thank you very much.
    don't be afraid of shame, don't be afraid to ask the stupid question, double the mistakes, and quickly supplement the blank knowledge point.
    The first learned to learn seriously. If you are hit particularly miserable, you can pause it, take the painting to the friends who appreciate you, and ask for praise. Then paint again, change it, and then ask for criticism and suggestions.
    will always remember the original intention. If you are tired, you will rest, do not seek speed, just be happy. If you are happy, your work will be happy 🙂 Really ~~

  4. The illustrator seems to be very hot in the past two years. How can I become an illustrator? This is a question often asked in recent years. It is probably that everyone has seen some free intercourse's working prices, and this profession looks very cool. Of course, for a person who loves painting, the profession of illustrator is really a good choice. Let me briefly talk about how to be an illustrator.
    1. Constantly improving yourself
    learning and practice are the best way to improve yourself. Learn more styles, proficient in a certain style. Generally, the paintings have their own style and relatively proficient style, and even say that there is a style that is exclusive to you. This is a good thing, which is very helpful for your future development. But if you don't know other styles, the customer's request cannot be satisfied. It is difficult to go on. Because in the early days, only you can satisfy the customer, and no customers can accommodate your style. There is also a shortcut to report a class. With the great god with you, you can quickly improve your painting level. I used to listen to a great god in Ling Cao Class. The practice of an illustrator is the most similar to a profession, that is, the programmer. You must maintain a long -term learning heart.
    2, persistence
    general people who just entered the industry could not be lonely, and at the beginning of the salary may be lower than the migrant workers, many people lost to reality. This is why many people who paint people can't persist and finally switch to career. Because it was too bitter at first. There are also particularly strong will, or the technology is particularly awesome, but as a person who is not so strong or so awesome, but really wants to do this line, the method is to start part -time at the beginning. When students do such part -time jobs, it is relatively easiest, and there is no psychological and economic burden.
    3, good self -control ability
    free illustrator seems to be free in time and is free creation, but often the biggest confusion is in the control of time. None of the free illustrator urges you every day, but there is something called the deadline. After collecting the customer's money, it is necessary to hand over the work that can represent your highest level within the prescribed time.
    4, good communication and expression
    The main role is to explain your work, as well as listening to the needs of customers. There are a lot of arrogance in painting. They often feel that their works are okay. The group of laymen who do not understand. Generally, the works that are thought to be in this way are problems. Customers may not understand painting, but know what they want and what the market needs. If you connect to the commercial insertion, then you determine that if you want it to be the perfect work, in addition to a good illustration, it also has good business value.
    Whether you are studying the road of painting or opening the road of illustration, I hope your dreams are inserted into wings and flies with wings!

  5. Specify a learning plan for you.
    It you can find a sketch class to learn sketch after get off work. Communicate your situation with your teacher. When I graduated, I just started to study. I studied the color of learning after the sketch.
    It suggest that you do n’t have to find a particularly expensive class, and find a teacher with plenty of time and patience.
    is very, very important! Remember this. Practice if it's okay.

    If you feel that time is sufficient, you can learn some software after learning sketching or at the same time.
    PS AI will be. Learn Painter first, and then learn PS AI, PS AI, you can learn about illustration drawing.

    The mouse painting you said. Individuals are very disagrees. An illustrator, without digital boards, is difficult to show something. Even if you fell in love with AI, it is actually a relatively speed and smoothness of this operation. I mainly draw AI now, and the digital board is really much better than the mouse. It is not that your mouse is not painted well, but that the digital board is the basis of an illustrator. Be sure to learn.

    I learned the sketch color to report a illustration class, and I learned it systematically.
    has used for more than a month, which is not long, but it will shorten your time, which is worth it.

    The design of I made a year, I learned 2 months of illustrations, and now I have published an illustration of illustrations in a studio.
    I we do not need to be inferior. As long as you like it, you will definitely succeed

  6. One I resigned from state -owned enterprises and gave myself a reason for learning illustrations. My college major was science and engineering. After working for two years, I resigned. How did I learn illustrations after resigning?
    It started to learn illustration from this time last year. For a whole year, like most people, when I started to learn about illustrations, I also received a lot of obstacles, such as: you started too late now. .. Illustration is very merit, and you do n’t have ... These are right, but still failed to stop me from starting.
    of course, the reason is love. If you can do your favorite job, you are really lucky.
    S especially now illustrations have been widely used in various industries, including startup pages, banner, special topic, brush page, detail page, ICON, bomb frame, background map, festival flash screen, emoji package, packaging, VI design , Book illustrations, many illustrations around, and so on. Even now the illustrations in UI design have become a bonus. Illustration is too important. Even if it is only a hobby, you will find that the whole life is better.
    The people say how zero foundation can learn illustrations! I said: Yes, simple, it is not difficult to ask me many people to ask me this year. Are you really zero foundation? My learning experience tells me that it is possible! There will be illustrations without life. All excellent illustrators are learned a little bit, so we can do it. And many illustrators are very good at sharing, and I have benefited a lot from it. Although there is still a big gap between I painted now, when I organize my work this year, I am very pleased that there have been flying progress. Essence
    Three self -learning illustrations without ways. In fact, when I first digged myself, I first started to illustrate myself, and I knew to read the book, or picked up a bunch of video tutorials from the Internet, but I always learned to learn. When you are stuck, the learning is always scattered, and your brain is paste. On the road of self -study, the more you go forward, the more strenuous, the more you want to give up, the more you want to get more and more collapsed.
    later I asked the college classmate Wang Yurou. After graduating from college, she did an illustration. She said that you have not even reached the level of less than half a bottle. Yu said that you are dizzy and dizzy even the most basic concepts. You are not studying yourself, you are deceiving yourself. Then Wang Yurou put me into a large -scale learning resource (skirt) of the original painting and illustration. Various video tutorials in it were very systematic. Every day, a teacher shared relevant knowledge in it. I listened to Tmall. Not to mention, I really learned to illustrate the illustrations, and my inner doubts were swept away.
    This friends have been asking me how to find the large -scale learning resources (skirt) of the original painting board. Let me share it with you. The numbers are: 1989. The last group of the tail is: three seven seven, combine the above three sets of numbers. I personally feel that on the road of learning, I can have a good learning base to accompany. Not panic.
    The process of learning illustrations, you can copy, believe in yourself, the future can be expected (1) the work will be good for the first to benefit its instrument-
    The tools I often use include a computer, a computer, and a computer, PS software, WACOM hand -drawn board. I use the computer, MacBook Pro15 -inch notebook. At present, all my illustrations are drawn in PS. PS is the most comprehensive software for SAI, AI, and Sketch. The hand -drawn board requires some feel. Many friends say that they are not very useful, just practice a few more times. It may be because I did not have a hand -painted skills. I felt easy to use when I first painted it with a hand -painted board for the first time. I felt that I could present it in PS a few times. Therefore, I did not transition from paper to hand -drawn boards from paper, but directly on hand -painted boards.
    (2) Copy copy --- We will imitate it if you don't, first copy it before
    Because there is no art foundation, hand-painting is the most difficult for me. Just find good illustrations from the Internet, pick some pictures simple, such as some plants, small animals, and a villain like it.
    (3) Semi-copy-The light imitation is boring. After imitation, you have to play tricks
    about three or four after copying. If you find that comparison with the original work, the copy is still good. Next, I found that copying is useless, because it ’s better to copy, it is also the result of others. You are just imitating. What you can learn is the way of the original work. To put it plainly, it is some software techniques. I really have to draw myself, I have no idea in my mind, and I do n’t know how to write it in my hand.
    This at this time I started trying half copy, that is, on the basis of the original work, add some of my own ideas, which is equivalent to adding some of my own hand -painted ideas to the technique of mastering. , Replace or modify it to the original screen (the method is to draw drafts on the paper first, then take pictures of mobile phones to PS), or change the original screen composition, and so on. In short, the original work is modified according to your own ideas, which are all works at that stage. For me without art foundation, this step can be very difficult. At that time, I felt that painting was very laborious, and I also practiced on my book, but I still felt like a closed door and caring. The progress was too slow.
    The study base I said from Wang Yurou, found a set of sketch tutorials to come to the artistic skills that everyone has always mentioned by everyone. At the beginning, I did n’t draw the line, so I started practicing from the straight line, to the type of geometric body, upper tone, shaping the relationship between light and dark, etc. Through learning sketching, I started to have a systematic understanding of the performance and shape of light and shadow. Essence
    The learning sketch -geometric body, still object, landscape, human structure and sketch. I used the knowledge I learned as much as possible to my board painting, and gradually I felt that it was not so difficult, and the hand -painted hand -painted would be better.
    (4) Original --- Learn the hands of others and integrate it to form your own
    The next step is original. Based on many materials. My method is to collect pictures and photos I want to draw online, find out what I like, and then collect the elements involved in the picture in my mind, collect together from different fields, according to my own ideas, combine the combination It becomes a picture. A sentence is confirmed here: innovation is a new combination of old elements.
    It, I also started to study more board painting techniques at this stage. I often ask teachers at the learning base for a lot of video tutorials, and then follow the drawing, because the illustration has many styles, such as realistic, flat, texture texture Wait, I like flat and fresh styles for me, so I analyze how these illustrations are expressed, what brush, how the grainy feels used, what materials are superimposed, why color matching why the color matching is superimposed, why color matching why the color matching is color, why color matching why color matching? Good -looking, then suck these colors to see how to use your own illustrations and so on. Then we started to summarize these techniques and become their own things, but they cannot be copied, but they are used to form their own style.
    . Do n’t always want to take shortcuts, but you can have a solid method to learn a process, you need to suffer, and do n’t always think about it. This is unrealistic. Methods, show wisdom in hard work and achieve efforts in wisdom.
    (1) About software
    The study of PS software, there is an episode here, because before I did not learn illustration, of course, at that time, I didn’t know what the hand -painted board was. Study photography, because I prefer photography, and photography is inevitable to do later. Therefore, I started to learn PS to repair or make posters. Well, the episode is over, the real dry goods are here.
    I. I learned PS by reading a book called "No PS Traces". This book is very thick. I just resigned in November last year. Month, but I really learned carefully at that time. After graduating, I rarely read a reference book so hard and made various marks. Now I look at it very much. After reading this book, I really felt proficient in PS at the time, haha. In fact, if you only draw, there is no need to be proficient. It is nothing more than those tools.
    (2) About the website
    The most websites I use the website are cool and petals, and there are many excellent works on it. You can use it to practice. There are also some design contests on the station cool and UI China. Those who are interested can participate. I have participated in the design contest of the poster design contest. They are all good experiences. What kind of thoughts and expressions will other outstanding designers use.
    The petal nets are also very helpful. You can usually collect your favorite illustrations or materials to the petals network. When you use it, you can go directly to see, like your own wealth. I also collect my inspiration library, which is some of the more creative materials I browsed. Basically, there will be a point that I can hardly think of. Then when I was not inspired, I would go through it, and there were often some gains.
    (3) About books
    I I worked in state -owned enterprises before. State -owned enterprises really felt warm water boiled frogs. Now think about either work at that time, or do nothing at work. Where to go shopping, shopping on Taobao, buying various clothes, the wardrobe is full, but there is still no clothes to wear in the change season ...
    since resigning last year, I slowly changed a lot It is not clothes to buy and buy, but various books, designed, illustrated, photography, learning methods, copywriting, operation, quality of life, etc., teachers who learn the resource base let me see some I personally feel very helpful.
    "Color Design Principles"
    "Speed ​​Reality Tutorial"
    "Interpretation of Professional Illustration Design Techniques of Illustration Classroom"
    Painting: 84 creative skills that an illustrator must know "
    (4) For creation
    , it is actually a large amount of effective presentation after accumulation. And more records.
    may is more optimistic works to stimulate creative desires.
    Multi -practice is multi -practice hand -drawn techniques to improve creative rates.
    Mong is more instant inspiration, increasing creative ideas.
    The above is my own summary, I do n’t know if it ’s right, but I suddenly found out that my summary is quite good, at least neat, like a serious nonsense, haha.
    It look at me, I wo n’t say it anymore. I do n’t say more about practicing, just practice, not afraid of too much, I am also working on practice.
    Is to remember more, because I found that a lot of inspiration is for a moment, I do n’t know if you have this feeling, for example, when I cook, I suddenly thought of a picture must be drawn, and then Thinking about it, when you will make meals, you must write down this idea, but when you make meals, I suddenly ask myself. I just said what I want to write down? Intersection Intersection Intersection So no matter what you are doing or going out, I usually install a small book in the bag. When you have an idea, you will remember it immediately, because you may lose it in the next second. Encountered. Of course, if you can't forget its special features, you can ignore this.
    The above is some of my main learning methods, I hope to help you. Remember, look at more, more practice, more records!

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