5 thoughts on “Clothing factory group chat name”

  1. The content is as follows:
    1, feedback work group.

    2, reporting work group.

    3, women must have a fan, life and work beautiful group.

    4, tomorrow will be better working group.

    5. Believe in yourself and defeat your work group.

    6, victory unity work group.

    7, Alibaba's shareholder work group.


    9. Serving the work group carefully.

    10, hard work group.

  2. "XX Clothing Happy Exchange Group"
    "XX Clothing Employee Internal Group"
    "XX Clothing Working Group together"
    "XX clothing every day"
    " XX Clothing Factory Brothers and Sisters "
    " XX Clothing Factory with Fate Gathering together "
    " XX clothing factory playing group, welcome everyone "
    " XX clothing factory together together Chat Group "
    " XX Clothing Factory My Heart to Yang Beautiful Group "

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