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  1. 1. Leisure and entertainment: Pujiang local KTV, bars, Internet cafes, ballrooms and other leisure places
    2. Catering and accommodation: Pujiang local hotels, hotels, etc. Job search: Pujiang region recruitment information
    5. Travel bus: Pujiang Scenic Area Introduction and traffic prompts and other information
    6. Crystal Information: Pujiang Crystal Supply and Demand Information, Crystal Industry Supply and Demand Information was established in early 2005, and passed the Ministry of Credit Ministry of Credit Ministry of Credit. , Zhejiang ICP No. 05000260
    2006 program sequencing internal test ASP version and provided Pujiang Yellow Pages Service
    2007 program upgrade generation HTML version
    2009 program upgrade website The new SNS service, and upgrade the store review system, etc., has been well received and affirmed by many parties.
    In 2011, Tencent Weibo was opened. If necessary, please@
    Sina Weibo in 2012. In need, please@网 Use our little point to replace it for everyone. In order to do my best to Pujiang. If you need it, please@如 如 网

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