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  1. Answer to find a job through the mobile app now many mobile apps can also achieve the function of finding a job, but there are not many mobile apps for our construction workers. The editor who passed through the Internet did have some high -quality construction recruitment software, such as Jiwu Family, construction site recruitment, construction recruitment, and construction sites. , Workers are more efficient to find a job.

  2. Decoration workers, I think it is better to go to the local labor market directly, because there are more recruitment positions above

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer: Good evening, dear! Find the platform recommendation of the decoration worker: 1. Decoration workers and decoration teams with good reputation near the big fish decoration app are on it. You can make a free appointment for the quotation of the house and choose it yourself. 2. Easy to find a work app. A large number of high -quality decoration workers in the same city, good service attitude, come to the door at any time, price standard. Mobile phone download and installation. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️nDecoration workers' recruitment platform app: Master Wan connected 2113, Shanyi APP, Yi recruitment app, Master Bang APP, Ding Ding Yi Jian APP, Qibing to home 5261 is a platform for decoration workers 4102 to pick up orders. 1. Master Wan's 1653 pick -up single Yi APP is a mobile phone receiving artifact specially created for the furniture master. The application helps the furniture master to quickly receive orders and processes orders anytime, anywhere. Posted your own information in this application, you can also change it, and the operation is simple to bring convenience to the furniture master. Pickling is a mobile software tailored by Master Wan for the furniture service master. The master can easily achieve the functions of actively quoting the order, real -time processing orders and independent withdrawals. The interface operation is simple and convenient. It is a veritable master to pick up artifacts. 2. Easy Recruitment APP is a self -service worker, Micro -live master and workers near the same city. Software recruitment types are divided into full -time recruitment apps, part -time recruitment, construction engineering, housekeeping services, decoration services, installation engineering, maintenance on -site, etc. Whether it is a unit company or a contractor, the owner wants to find a worker, the mobile phone will easily publish the information of the workers and employers, the workers are hired one click, the professional task release and the ordering platform, and sending orders to find a living app. It is convenient and fast, eliminating a lot of intermediate links, making it easier for finding people to recruit workers and find jobs. 3. Master Bang APP is a mobile office software created by Quanzhou Service Castle Network Technology Co., Ltd. for the master. The software function is powerful. Masters can receive orders anytime, anywhere to receive appointments; they can also better manage accounts, which is conducive to providing work efficiency. With the construction of the service platform, service products continue to extend. In 2014, the company registered the "Master State" to provide professional after -sales installation for all home products except the water purifier. The core positioning of "Master State" is a good master in the country. 4. Ding Ding Yi Jian APP is a mobile Internet that is independently developed by Shenzhen Ding Ding Yijian Network Technology Co., Ltd. to professionally serve the client software that specializes in the construction and decoration industry. It is a real -time employment platform connecting owners, decoration companies, building materials companies, property companies and the majority of workers. Workers can pick up free orders in Ding Ding Yi Jian APP, and owners and construction companies can send them for free to find people. They are apps looking for people to find live in the construction decoration industry. 5. Qi Bing arrived at home is a home installation platform. The merchant settled in the order and installed the master to pick up the order. The business currently carried out on the platform is smart locks, home appliances, furniture, bathrooms, wallpaper, doors and windows, baths, drying racks, curtains, curtains, curtains Wait for home improvement services to solve the "last mile" distribution, installation and maintenance problems for home e -commerce.

  4. If the decoration workers want to live on the Internet, it is actually easier. There are still a lot of ways. First of all, what must be understood is what is the way to find online. This is a more critical issue.
    1. The most commonly used and most well -known way for everyone. Basically, through some group chats, the industry is directly and communicates with each other. They often publish some recruitment information in group chats. This is mostly the decoration industry practitioners. One way.
    2, there are some Internet platforms on the Internet, search engines or places with more current traffic, do some advertisements and their own publicity. , Will be displayed to the corresponding accurate users. Of course, this costs a lot of funds, so it is not reasonable to use it. Generally, the decoration company may be doing it.
    3. Another way is through some recruitment platforms on the Internet. This is also the most mainstream way to find jobs and work on the Internet. Whether you are a construction worker, decoration workers can use the Internet platform on the Internet. Finding the living is still quite reliable. Maybe many people do not know what kind of platform to choose. Since it is a decoration, you must choose to make you receive it. It is a platform with a large number of users.

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