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  1. Due to the over -discharge of the nerve, the brain lost normal function, and the cats have a paroxysmal attack, unclear consciousness or change of behavior. Cat epileptic seizures may only occur once, or it may be continuous for a period of time. If you feel abnormal, you should seek medical treatment in time and find out the cause in time. The diseased cats show a few minutes and a few minutes a few days ago in epileptic seizures. Pay attention to the cat owners who observe can find these abnormalities. 1. Precision:

    In the few minutes of epileptic seizures ~ a few days ago, it is depressed, hyperactive, and Sa Huan'er, which shows different behaviors from usual. Pay attention to the cat owners who observe can find these abnormalities. But the first cat or careless cat owner may miss these discoveries.

    2. Seizure

    1) On the basis of the aforementioned precursor, or there is no precursor at all, the sudden consciousness loss and convulsions.

    2) The cat's cat gait, ankylonary or paroxysmal convulsions, accompanied by the singing fell to the ground. The pupils are scattered, the eyeballs are turned back, the limbs are opened, the ansitition or paroxysmal twitches, swimming -like movements. The head and neck muscles are convulsions, strabismus and eye tremor. You can see the foam -shaped saliva caused by intermittent spasm of the masseter muscle, and sometimes you can see bleeding caused by bite tongue.

    3) Due to the loss of intention, there are many urine incontinence, and they do not know the owner at all.

    3. Symptoms after seizures:

    This cats after wake -up, gait, rotating in place, sleeping due to fatigue, or displaying after a short period of time Unusual appetite. But most of the sick cats can recover immediately and cannot see the symptoms after these seizures.

  2. The movement is exciting, the walking is unstable, the intermittent convulsions, you can Baidu. The situation of my cat before is like this

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