5 thoughts on “I like cats, but my wife does not like cats, what do you do?”

  1. I will first try to communicate with my wife. If my wife does not like the kittens at home, I will arrange a warm nest to the kitten on the small corner of the balcony, so that it will move within this range without affecting it without affecting it. My wife and I live. People are emotional animals, and it is natural for a long time. I believe that my wife will love my lovely cat. If my wife hates cats very much, then I simply do not raise cats at home and give up my preference. Because wife is more important than cats.

  2. This kind of thing must be communicated first. If it doesn't work, then, then, you and your wife will fight, there is no peaceful family, affecting feelings.
    The approach of my family is very good, it is worth recommending. My father -in -law likes to raise birds, but my mother -in -law does not like to raise birds in the bedroom, so my father -in -law is sold. I think this is a respect for lover. There are pets and bacteria at home, worry about infection with bacteria. It is not good. Unless you have a place to raise cats, don't raise it.

  3. The daughter -in -law is facing what she doesn't like every day. She is definitely not good. She is unhappy. The family atmosphere will become poor, and my life will not be better.
    The chain response is caused by a cat. Even if I like it again, I can only give up for the happiness of the family.
    After all, lovers and cats are more important than me.

  4. Do you want your wife or a cat? If you can only choose one, of course, it is his wife, so you can accommodate your wife. Otherwise, the relationship will be very uncomfortable. If it is me, I won't raise a cat, let my wife know that she is the most important in my heart. If you have a cat, you will often quarrel.

  5. Marriage is a process of understanding each other. If your other half does not like something like something, don't care about her feelings. Even if you are satisfied and happy. But the pain that brings the other half is what you can't imagine, so learn to understand and cherish her. She doesn't like cats, so don't raise cats. You can choose some other methods to solve it, such as you can go to cat coffee.

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