A cat in Guangdong grabbed the sofa and was educated seriously by grandma in the ninetys. How cute is grandma?

5 thoughts on “A cat in Guangdong grabbed the sofa and was educated seriously by grandma in the ninetys. How cute is grandma?”

  1. I believe that many people have raising kittens in their own homes. Indeed, the kittens are not only lively and active, but also ignorant and cute. Even some of their usual little moves will cause everyone to endure.
    In a family in Jieyang, Guangdong, a kitten was grinding the sand to grind the claws. At that time, a 90 -year -old grandmother in the house saw that she did not blame the kitten for the first time, but instead Holding the kitten in the palm of the hand, and on the spot, the cat was educated seriously. It turned out that the old grandmother did not choose to get angry for the first time, but instead used a gentle tone to educate the kitten: the sofa could not be caught. . Faced with the old grandma's education, the kitten also looked ignorant because it ignored the grandmother's intention at all, and the eyes were full of doubts and curiosity. The continuous educational education also caused the kitten to be unable to listen after all, and even his own "freedom of life" was limited by the old grandma, so the kitten ran out secretly while the grandma didn't notice it for a while. The kitten also feels that I really can't stand the education and dominance of the grandma, and finally choose to go away.
    The so -called home is like a treasure. I believe that the old grandmother usually is a gentle elderly person who cares about the younger generation in the home life. In the current society, many young people have not chose to stay with the elderly for a long time. I feel lonely and lonely, so raising a kitten and puppy at home can indeed bring spiritual comfort to the elderly, and worry about it. But if you have time and conditions, you still choose to go home and see. This is also this is also this. As a junior, there should be one of them.

  2. The nearly 100 -year -old grandmother from Guangdong behaved like a child when educating cats. She first threatened the cat to tell it the consequences of grabbing the sofa. In order to show warning, she also beaten by the cat's disobedience, and finally coaxed it to be obedient.
    The people who have experienced pets will feel similar to this grandmother. Although sometimes pets can understand the owner, in most cases, the communication between the two parties is not on a channel at all. Relying on the love of the owner, the pets are always afraid. In most cases, the owner can only help clean up the mess left by the pets. This strange way of getting along is indeed the norm of many families.
    . The expression "threatened" seriously and saw that the cat often grabbed the sofa at home, and the grandma's heart was a little angry. Once the sofa is damaged, it will not only affect the aesthetics, but also reduce the service life. Grandma was very cherished when using the sofa herself, and naturally couldn't bear to see a complete sofa caught by the cat.
    . After pretending to be a cat, after stopping the cat's behavior, Grandma thought that the oral education alone was not enough to learn from the cat. So she told the cat that it dared to grab the sofa in the future, and the paw of the sofa was beaten. Although the cat does not understand the meaning of grandma, the old man's love of the love is very true across the screen.
    . After the verbal warning, the old grandmother seemed to be afraid of scaring the cat after verbal warning, and quickly comforted it as long as he obediently obedient, it was still the baby in the heart of the grandma. In fact, when the old man is lonely in his later years, the most important thing is to accompany him. The cat's body is entrusted with her thoughts on her children. With such a cute little animal, I believe that the old man's heart will become more and more warm.
    The little animals in your past life make you unforgettable? Share your story and its story!

  3. Grandma looks very cute, because this grandmother taught the kitten as a child. It feels like grandma is a very severe person, and the relationship with the cat is very good.

  4. The grandma of this way is really cute. Later, Grandma liked this cat very much, and also paid great attention to this cat. She also hoped that her cat could be educated through her own behavior, so grandma was really cute.

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