3 thoughts on “I want to work in a pet shop? What do you do?”

  1. Selling some pet supplies and food, what do you need to know about the supplies? What dogs are foods for food. For example, someone said that there is an adult golden retriever at home, asking what food you eat, and you have to say it, tell him to eat large dogs into dog food. And there are many brands of food, and there are many types of each brand.
    This is selling pets
    It you go to the store to work. You must know what kind of dogs or cats sold in this shop are all kinds of breeds and habits. What do you usually pay attention to.
    The medical common knowledge
    The vaccine in the pet shop, when the dog or cat is injected with the vaccine, what should be paid attention to and other insect repellent medicines in in vitro and in vitro.
    These are not clear in a day or two. You can learn slowly first, don't worry, people in the store should teach you

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