5 thoughts on “How to trim the Golden Hiring Dog Summer Mao”

  1. The golden retriever is a double -layer hair, the bottom layer of hair is soft and waterproof, and the outer hair is moderate and soft. The hair is spreading vertically on the body, and the hair of some golden retriever is wavy. The shape of the golden retriever is already very elegant and charming, but through proper trimming hair, the golden retriever looks more beautiful.
    First of all, before trimming the hair for the golden retriever, it is best to sort out and clean the hair. After the hair is completely dry, the hair will be trimmed. Golden retriever brush hair can choose professional brushing tools for the whole body bristles to remove the hair and dander removed by the golden retriever.
    Secondly, pay attention when combing hair. Especially the hair behind the golden retriever's ears should be completely cleaned. The hair of the golden retriever is soft, and it is very easy to precipitate dirt, forming large and small hair balls. Do not stretch it when combing. If it is difficult to combicate, it should be trimmed with scissors instead of the pain of the golden hair dog.
    Third, trim the hair for the golden retriever, it is best to trim it appropriately without shaving it thoroughly. Pruning hair should be based on the advantages of the structure of the golden retriever's body to highlight the beauty of the golden retriever, highlight the beautiful place where the cash hair dogs are beautiful, and then trim according to the standard.
    Finally, after trimming the hair of the golden hair body, pay attention to the excess hair on the foot pads, around the flesh, and the excess hair after the joints of the meat. The tail is trimmed from the end, and the shape of the feather is gradually cut out. The golden retriever's tail is sandwiched with the index finger and thumb to fix the curved shape. Of course, you can also cut off the golden retriever beard and other faces. Make it look more refreshing and healthy.

  2. Take it to a special pet club, where the dogs will be cut, and it is very professional, but it needs to pay, but it is not expensive, it is only a few yuan.

  3. The dog's sweat glands on the tongue and foot pad
    The golden retriever can only be trimmed by the feet
    Itta other positions do not need to be trimmed, just look at it
    I plan to cut the head and bib at home again, do not move the hair and belly on the back of the back, do not move, there is a slow growth after the main hair scissors, and it can affect the beautiful shear buttocks.

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