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  1. Golden retriever
    Golden hair dogs are common in our lives. Its docile and peaceful personality also brings us a lot of joy. I want to think To raise golden retriever, of course, what you need to do is to master its habits. Xiaobian collected some golden retriever's habit knowledge. Let's see if it is the same as you think

    First of all, golden retrievers have a certain territory habit, and they are afraid of fire and like group residence. Like to live with people or other animals, do not like alone. After a period of time, other animals such as cats and chickens can live in harmony with dogs and be protected by dogs. Dogs are particularly afraid of loneliness, so try not to let your dogs stand alone for a long time. When the dog was locked at home for a whole day, when I saw the owner who went home, I could imagine how excited it was.
    Golden retriever is sometimes vanity and likes others to praise it. Sometimes you are shy. For those who have been close to it, you will never forget his voice, and you can remember the places where you live. Like to be cared for the neck and back. When you lie down, you always turn around to see if there is any danger around it. After determining that there is no danger, you will sleep with peace of mind. When you are sick, when you are sick, you will instinctively avoid humans or other dogs, hiding in the dark to recover or die, which is a "return ancestor phenomenon". I don't like alcohol, and at the same time, it is carnivorous animals. When feeding, it is necessary to prepare more animal protein and fat in the feed, supplemented by vegetarian components to ensure the normal development and healthy body of the dog. It does not chew it when eating, and it can be described as "gobbled." If you want to feed crude fiber vegetables, it is best to chop or cook the vegetables.
    , although you like your golden retriever very much, don't let your little golden wool often eat human leftovers, especially some "oil and water" meals. These meals are right Golden retriever is not good. Before the gold puppies were four and a half months old, do not let him go up and down the stairs. Be careful when you go up and down.
    This before 12 months, do not run with gold puppies, which will cause too much pressure on bones that have not yet been completely calcified. If you have to run with him after 12 months old, you also remember not to run too far from the beginning, and gradually increase the running distance. Golden retrievers do not let it eat too much. It is best to feed the soft dog food, and at the same time do not feed eggs and internal organs. These things that golden retriever puppies cannot digest and easily cause dilute. Generally speaking, some dog food can be placed in rice porridge.
    What are the misunderstandings during the breeding of golden retriever?
    Themo, dogs who have bad temper, like to bite people. In fact, although the blood of dogs flowing in the body of the golden retriever, after hundreds of years of domestication and improvement of the great human beings, today's pure golden retriever dogs are still tolerant and domesticated! The characteristics of dogs are most reflected in its appearance. It is not reflected in personality, so it has stabilized in the family dog!
    The misunderstandings 2. Golden retriever IQ is low? NO, in fact, the intelligence of the golden retriever is still very high, reflects the owner's emotional strong, and the golden retriever has a hunting personality. It is almost easy to do training! n Misunderstanding 3. Do you have to turn on the air conditioner in summer? The air conditioner is generally a cooling method that is only taken in areas with relatively poor ventilation conditions. Generally, the recommended heat dissipation method is ventilation. If the natural ventilation conditions are insufficient, the golden retriever is blown out of the air conditioner!

  2. There is no special habit, it is very good, but a bit of hair loss.
    The is not picky, very clever, with a order with a movement, teach you to learn three or five times.
    All IQ is ranked fourth, with strong obedience, and has a sensitive sense of smell.
    The golden retriever is most suitable for the elderly and children, and it is more suitable for the first dog raising.

  3. The most complete record of Golden Retriever's recovery dog ​​development is to be counted as a hunting guard in Guisachan, a man named Lord in the Inverness-SHIRE real estate from 1835 to about 1890 hunting. These records attracted the public's attention due to the "Rural Life" magazine published in 1952. When the nephew of Lord, Earl Earl (a historian and sports enthusiast), announced the hunting data left by his ancestors. These information confirmed that the story of the generation of the Golden Retriever was transmitted from the generation.

    The good swimmers in winter

    The friends who love Golden Retriever retrieved dogs may only know that Jin Mao retrieved dogs are very good at running, searching, and it looks very loving, but if it is very loving, but if you are very loving, but if you are very loving, but if you are very loving, but if you are very loving, but if you are very loving, but if you are very loving, but if you If the pet owner takes them to the winter swimming one day, you will find that they are the health generals in the winter swimming pool. To be exaggerated, their performance in the winter pool is exactly the same as in summer. In fact, such characteristics are already visible in daily life -when it is raining, other dog breeds who do not like humidity will find a place to hide, try to keep the dryness as much as possible. Today, Mao retorting dogs are exceptions, and it will still jump in heavy rain, regarding rainwater as nothing.

    The characteristics of golden wool come from the earliest cultivation process. As we all know, in the development of the Golden Retriever's recovery dogs, a Tweed Water Hound is widely used, and there is a smaller Newfoundland dog. Other hybrid dogs are Irish Set dogs and other water hounds. In the England and Ireland regions with a lot of wild ducks and particularly humid weather, strong dog species hunting and being able to withstand cold water are particularly loved by people. At the same time, this good swimmer must also resist the vegetation with thorns everywhere -after all, wild ducks are in It is impossible to fall in the water after being hunt.

    The doctor who treats children with depression

    . Although the golden retriever is huge and belongs to large dogs, its personality is particularly docile. It often falls in the wind. It is even more trustworthy for humans, and friendliness is synonymous.

    It because of peace and cleverness, it is not aggressive, and at the same time, it is one of the smartest dogs in the dog world. In addition to helping hunters hunt, they have also been given various new mission in modern society. They left the whistling mountain forest, and quickly entered the family of modern cities, becoming a member of modern families.

    At the beginning, people who love pets only feed them as general pets, and then found that their personality is docile and especially like children, so they are unpredictable. After that, its wisdom appeared -they could easily change the red lights and green lights respectively. As a result, they were given the task of guide dogs. On the streets abroad, the guide dog led by the blind man is either a Golden Retriever retrieved or the Labrado dog. After that, their ability was constantly discovered. After training, they began to help those who listened to the phone to answer the phone and open the door ...

    Due to the friendliness of nature, doctors also saw them, so they entered the room and entered the room. Entering the hospital, it became a doctor who helped treat children with depression. Many depression children have rehabilitated to varying degrees after they get along with Golden Return to get along with the Golden Return to get along for a while.

    100 was developed by Water Hounds more than a year ago

    Lord year raised his first golden retrieved dog called "nous" in Brighton. This means " wisdom". Nous is said to be raised by the count. The photo of the noch in about 1870 shows that the dog is a large golden dog with ripple -like hair. Some of the oil paintings in the British Museum also showed this type of dogs. At that time, many portrait painters often painted their favorite dogs.

    It near Inverness, the Guisachan area along the Tweed River of Beanuly, there is a direct breeding plan advocated by Lord to breed the characteristic dogs that have cultivated his Huangmao hunting dogs. All the Tweed Water Hounds are raised along this river bank, and they are hunting for them with this kind of hard -working dog. This dog is derived from a kind of rude water hound. This kind of rude water hound has been widely used by families along the British coast for many years. Because they are smart and have the ability to hunt prey under various conditions.

    . Although this kind of water hound is not known, its impact on the development of Golden Retriever cannot be ignored. In the book of Guisachan's hunting field guardian: "The noch is mating with a Tweed Hound named Bell in 1867 to 1868. "It played an important role in the development of the golden retriever's recovery dogs.

    Thenight in the end of the 19th century. The Golden Retriever in the wild test occurred in 1904. Later, many tourists took their dogs to visit the United States for tourism. This was because of the discovery of golden retriever in the United States and Canada in 1890. From 1920-1930 During the period, a large number of golden retrievers were brought to the west coast of the United States from the United Kingdom and Canada.

    The maintenance experience

    The golden retriever dogs are gentle, friendly and enthusiastic, confident of the alarm, active activities, and have patience with children and the elderly. It is very suitable to be a partner dog. It also contains more energy, but their energy is usually easy to control through some simple training. Family breeding should provide them with greater activity space or can take them out often to satisfy their desire to run to run. , Golden Retriever has a strong dependence on the owner. She likes the owner to play with them with them. If they often leave the dogs alone at home, they will feel boring, and they will do everything possible to find something. At this time They cause a considerable damage to the furniture at home.

    This dogs will welcome them enthusiastically when they encounter other strange dogs, so it is more fierce when it comes to encountering it. It is easy to be attacked when you are a dog, so when you take the dog out of the party or meet other dogs with unknown dogs on the road, the owner should be vigilant and protect your dog.

    Golden hair The daily care of the recovery dog ​​is relatively simple, which is determined by its own quality.

    The strong golden retriever to retrieve dogs requires regular eyes and ears every week, cutting nails, and bathing. "The nature of the bath liquid, the high -quality and soft fragrance, often combed. If there is a random hair, you can make a slightly tidy trimming, the key to trimming is two words: nature. In addition, there is no need to deliberately trim. Come on makeup and cutting on their views, it is easy to be despised by people inside. Because a consensus has been formed in the line: the dog is born with a beautiful face, and the best dress is from the inner beauty of itself. So even if you want If you help the Golden Mao retrieved the dog to make a place, a strange "hairstyle", you'd better save your strength, because no beautywater will help you.

    The nose has a special ability, and a sense of olfactory, and the eagerness to use its sense of smell to discover and enjoy the new excitement smell, so whether it is walking or in their fences The smell is alarm, and its nature is to spend time looking for prey and biting the items it found in the mouth. They are also named because of this. But their characteristics sometimes bring a lot of trouble to the owner. This trouble is that the digestive disease diseases caused by unexpectedly swallow foreign matter such as internal gastric objects and intestinal obstruction. Dogs swallowed things, but don't doubt their ability. In clinical practice, you can often encounter a dog or even swallow a toy size of an adult fist to the stomach, or some owners swallow their toothpicks and meat into their stomachs when they are anxious when they wear foods. Endless.

    The main symptoms of gastrointestinal foreign objects are eating less or not eating or vomiting, and poor spirit. So when your dog has the above symptoms and you have the habit of biting or picking things, you must be vigilant. At that time, do not lose your heart. You should take your dog to see a doctor with a complete animal hospital. Therefore, the owner of the dogs is reminded that when no one is at home, try not to put some things that they can swallow into the stomach within the scope of the dog's activity; Feed the dog.

    It is not as good as looking at the connotation

    The Golden Retriever's recovery dogs set off a wave in China, especially Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other regions around 2002 to 2003. The stock The upsurge maintained for about 2 years and quickly retreated. The reason is because of the short supply at the time. A large number of impure and like "golden retrieval dogs" appeared in the market. The price also fell from the highest time to two thousand yuan.

    In one side, it also reflects the characteristics that the golden retriever is not easy to buy. Because the characteristics of the golden retriever are relatively obvious, the mixed dogs are not very different from the puppies and the purebred dogs. Many people who raised dogs did not have much distinguished method except for the standards of various evaluations according to the standards. In fact, the various standards set by the professional association are only for adult dogs to participate in the reference, and it is difficult to get too many reflections on puppies. Therefore, when buying the puppies of the golden retriever, you may wish to put various standards aside first, and focus on the "retrieved" nature of the Golden Retriever retrieved the dog.

    It considers the performance of puppies in a new environment. If the puppies have a strong desire to explore, and constantly sniff the information to find information with their noses, and see that new toys or objects like to run around in their mouths, then such puppies should not be bad. Supplemented by reference factors such as head shape, physical fitness, bones, etc., you can choose a good golden retriever to find puppies.

    In the unreasonable way, then the best way is to buy adult dogs or semi -adult dogs. Dogs over 7 months have begun to have the characteristics of rating indicators, which is the safest. Of course, your purse will pay more.

    Thank you for adopting ~

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