What should I do if I do n’t call a life of a dog?

There is no screaming at home, so we are hungry, and what is going on with urine in me. It is still unpleasant on the hot day. May I ask the experts to feed the medicine? Why do medicine several times a day and how much, what kind of medicine is the expert fed!

2 thoughts on “What should I do if I do n’t call a life of a dog?”

  1. I don't know how you feed. Dogs' habits when they were young are cultivated. We all hope that dogs do not call for people and you just need it to be a housekeeping. Maybe you treat him as a door dog. If you need to see strangers, you have to find strangers training, and the premise is that you have to train him to listen to your order. Dogs are best for pig cages since childhood, and dog cages are better to train. You can knock on the cage. If he calls, you will reward him. If you say a few times, you will call it. Then find a few strangers at school to cooperate with you. When he let him see a stranger, you said, and then he knew it, and then you rewarded him, and he knew it a few times. For dogs' body taste, it can be cleaned regularly. Anal glands. There are ears. The taste of her husband is mainly from the ears, as well as anal glands.

  2. Pet dogs can not be like the household dog. Pet dogs are fun. The Chinese idyllic dogs are looking at the home nursing home.

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