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  1. Chinese and Western coins are not coins circulating on the market, but the game coins used in arcade in the game console hall of the 1980s and 1990s. So we are usually called Chinese and Western coins. This coin is a childhood memory of the post -80s generation.
    . It was produced by a company that produced these gaming coins in Hong Kong at that time. It is the memory of some people now. Some specialty collection of game coins is worth about two or three yuan.
    This is almost the earliest batch of gaming coins. Its casting material is copper, and the casting materials for arcade game coins are generally alloys.
    Extension information:
    The principle of arcade investment game coins:

    The principle of the initial arcade coin dropper is relatively simple, that is, check the size of the game coin internally, that is, through the appropriate size The holes. Test the weight through a needle. But game currency with the same size and weight is basically difficult to separate. After passing the two layers of detection above, the electrical signal of coin -invested can be triggered.
    The arcade coin investment is relatively complicated. There is a circuit in the coin investment device to complete the counting of the game coins with the launch and receiving of the optoelectronics diode, and the dynamic recognition of the optical pipe is used to use the sliding of the game coin. And the current game coins in the game machine are all in the monitoring of electronic lines. When there is a counterfeit currency, a signal that is enlarged will make the relay in the circuit from being absorbed, then the counterfeit currency will come out of the other channel. Since another channel does not have an optoelectronics count, there will be no level output to the CPU recognition to identify The investment is invalid, which prevents the use of counterfeit currency.

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