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  1. EBK3 is a format of e -books. Compared with TXT, it has the following advantages:
    1, ebk files are much smaller than TXT files of the same content, which is about 65%of the same content TXT, which saves memory;
    2, EBK files are generated by the TXT file. After generating, there is a chapter name. You can jump to read at will during reading;
    3, eBK e -book opening speed is much faster than the opening speed of the TXT file; r;
    4. In terms of reading alone, TXT is equivalent to the author's draft, and EBK is equivalent to the physical book after publishing.
    The specific opening method is as follows:
    1, IRead is the most popular and most popular reader, e -book production tool and reading platform, supporting TXT, EPUB, PDF reading, conversion and production, Including iRead, IAUTHOR, Inote and other series kits.
    The default setting of the book library file path:/sdcard/IReader/Books; the font file path is set default:/sdcard/IReader/fonts.
    2, we can import EBK3 files into the mobile phone, you can use QQ to pass quickly, or insert the data cable. Personally recommend using QQ data cable, or it is more convenient to send it directly to my phone.
    Figure 1

    3, then open the mobile phone software IRead.
    4, click to import the book, and then choose to read local books.
    Figure 1

    5, you can see the book you just introduced after a few seconds.
    6, last click to watch it to watch normally.

    Figure 2

  2. EBK is a file format, generally the file format of electronic books, which requires special software to open.

    download a software for: ABBY V10.0 Chinese version of the software installation and opening. You can view the EBK file.

    It hope it will be helpful to you

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