The difference between dual currency credit card and all -currency credit card

The difference between dual currency credit card and all -currency credit card

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  1. The differences between the entire currency and the dual currency are as follows:
    dual currency card refers to a credit card with the same RMB account and foreign currency account. When two -currency credit card is consumed in the country, it uses RMB settlement. If you swipe your card abroad, you will automatically enter the foreign currency settlement system. According to different types of cards, you must convert it into currency in different countries. There must be a handling fee.
    The main function of all currency is to be exempted from currency conversion fees and can handle the transaction needs of all currencies. No matter where the country consumes it, you can use RMB to repay directly after returning to China to exempt foreign exchange purchase procedures.

    This expansion information:
    The international credit card (also known as all currency card) of China Merchants Bank is the SIGNATURE all -currency international credit card issued by China Merchants Bank and VISA. The card supports the VISA line. Regardless of the currency, consumption or cash withdrawal will be exempted from 1.5%foreign exchange exchange fee. All foreign currency transactions are purchased automatically for RMB, and only need to be repaid with RMB. At the same time, the card has high travel insurance gifts.
    The international credit card of China Merchants Bank only issued a VISA single currency card, only one card surface, which is a personal card product issued by China Merchants Bank for customers with overseas travel and online shopping. In order to provide cardholders with more overseas consumption card swipings, reduce customers' overseas consumer currency exchange handling fees, better improve the customer experience, and strengthen the product positioning of China Merchants Bank credit card "Overseas Consumption Prelections".
    In in addition to the basic functions of China Merchants Credit Card, China Merchants Bank's international credit card also has the following functions:
    (1) credit card services provided by Visa Signature, as well as more than 10,000 countries and regions overseas Home -selected discount merchants (hotels, catering, entertainment, shopping, leisure) exclusive courtesy.
    (2) consumption of all currency, RMB repayment. No matter where the card is held in the world for foreign currency transactions, it can be automatically converted to RMB accounts, and it only needs to be repaid with RMB.
    (3) Consumption of all currency, exempt from currency exchange handling fees. Whenever, where, and what kind of foreign currency is used to consume or cash withdrawal of the card, it is free of 1.5%of the currency exchange fee.
    (4) Gifts of high travel insurance. If you hold the card to purchase your own ticket or pay 80%or more, you can get free travel insurance and up to 2 million yuan of aviation accident insurance without checking any procedures and paying any fees.

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