4 thoughts on “Why did Huobi not on OKEX contract transactions?”

  1. Because the technology of Huobi is not very spiritual, right? Just a leveraged currency transaction has occurred many times the incident of downtime. How can I play in contract transactions?

  2. I think the main reason is the technical reason, otherwise there is no reason for such a big cake, isn't it? It must be because the technical level cannot be played.

  3. Novices have just begun to make a 10 -fold contract. Do not make 20
    risks of bar bar: This is easy to understand. For example, you use 10 times the barbar to open a position for transactions. The price drops 2%. Zooming 10 times, loss of 20%, and these transactions are not as small as the stock fluctuations, 1%, 2%of the rise and fall, which may be very random. This big cow on the platform is happy today. It ’s just coming down, so novices must have a corresponding understanding of the risk of this bar.
    This risk: Many novices have the experience of investing in stocks and think they are old birds, but here you have to treat yourself as newcomers, rookies, and learn. OKEX's contract transaction is very risky and can also set up a trigger price, but it will be too late to transaction when it falls. For example, you have opened more positions. Let's, when the price falls from 10.5 for 9 yuan, it is possible that the price you set at 10 yuan to trigger the price cannot be sold, because the falling is too fast. It is clear that you must choose good liquidity in doing contracts. You can choose mainstream contracts such as BTC, ETH, EOS and other mainstream contracts on OKEX. BTG, XRP, BCH liquidity is a little worse, let's take it by yourself.
    The open position strategy: The contract transaction here is actually a zero -sum game. When you make money, someone is losing money. If you want to make money here One of the places that the novice must pay attention to in operation is to control the position. It is recommended that the novice who has just started the contract. Do not put too much funds in it. of. Let's talk about opening a position here. For example, your funds are 10,000 yuan. It is recommended that you divide the position into 4-6 copies and 1 transaction each time. Even if your transaction is wrong Big, of course, I will talk about the strategy of stop loss. The control of the position determines your profit. Making money is nothing more than minimizing the loss of your transaction and maximizing your profit. In addition, OKEX's contract is 10 times and 20 times lever. It is recommended to use 10 times leverage. 20 times leverage is easy to burst, and the risk is too great.

    okex contract trading interface BTC
    Selling strategy: here should be a strategy of liquidation. It is a stop -selling selling, one is stop loss. After the profit is sold, it is recommended to sell in batches after profit to a certain level. In a price range, the corresponding price sells a batch. For example, when the price of the contract is 100 yuan By the time of 150 yuan, the stop profit range can be set to 130-140, 131 yuan to sell 10 contracts, and 10 contracts for 132 ... 140 sells 10 contracts. Trigger the price you set, then your contract will continue to make money; if the price falls down half of the contract, and half of the contract has not triggered, and the price stops to rise, then your other half of the contract can still make money. And your price cost is very low, and your mentality will be twice as much as you buy now; if the price falls down, all the contracts set are triggered, which proves that the trend of this wave of market is also reversed, so you can consider you can consider Do new opportunities such as new contracts, or rest and observation.
    The strategy of stop loss is the same. It is also divided into several batches. It is still an example of the above contract. At the price of 100 yuan, 100 more contracts are made. And 30%stop loss, because we mentioned above that the price fluctuation 1%is very random. If you fluctuate 1%, you drive 10 times lever, and your contract income will also fluctuate by 10%. Of course Some are stop losses and stopping through the support position and pressure position, we will talk about it later.
    Mane position strategy: Control the position. This is what everyone who makes contracts must be known, because the position of the position is not well controlled, it is easy to explode the position. We come here to play contracts to make money. It is not for public welfare. The position strategy mentioned here is divided into two cases. When the trend is unknown, the small position is attacked, even if it is lost, it is small money; when the trend is obvious, the half -warehouse and heavy warehouse operations. , Be sure to attack heavy positions because we have to make a lot of money in this part.
    If positioning strategies: Many old birds who have been in the stock market for many years will go to make up the position to reduce the cost of buying. In addition, the bar is large, and it will burst in minutes. It is recommended that novices here, when the contract in your hand is profitable and earns money, add positions and add them in batches. You can refer to the strategy of opening the position. In the contract of loss, it must be, must, must not add a deposit, learn to stop losses, prefer to cut the meat and re -open the position, and do not add positions in the loss contract.

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