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  1. Hello, I know that my medicine makeup and skin consultant is very happy to help you.
    pro, the SPF value means time:
    SPF value is different, indicating that the effective sunscreen time is also different. Specifically:
    SPF 15 = 15* 10 = 150 minutes
    SPF 20 = 20* 10 = 200 minutes
    SPF 30 = 30* 10 = 300 minutes
    SPF 50 = 10 = 500 500 In minutes
    The sunscreen with good effects, you can try the following:
    Perbite baby sunscreen
    Perbite sunscreen special contains the particle powder that can reflect ultraviolet rays to effectively protect the delicate skin of the baby, Extraordinary damage from ultraviolet rays, stains caused by sun sun exposure.
    1. It contains a particle powder that can reflect ultraviolet rays to effectively protect the delicate skin of the baby, avoids the damage of ultraviolet rays, and predicts the color spots caused by sun exposure.
    2. It is rich in moisturizing ingredients. It does not use ultraviolet absorbers, mild moisturizing, so that the baby's skin always maintains a healthy state.
    3. It is suitable for use when the sun is strong, and it is better to use when swimming or water.
    4. Pure Japanese formula, Japanese raw materials. No color, no spice, low irritation.
    Main ingredients: UV reflected micro particles, moisturizing ingredients, vitamin E
    Many people say that adults cannot use baby skin care products, but in fact this sunscreen of Pigeon is also very suitable for many adults. The most important thing is the most important. It is its non -side effects and no excitement, which is very tight.

    The brothers' sensitive muscle SPF32PA
    SPF32, PA This sunscreen contains moisturizing and soothing factors, weak acidity, colorless, sweat -free formula, does not contain chemical sunscreen , Make the skin naturally gloss, very gentle formula, and the sensitive skin is also applicable.
    Evaluation: Recently, the hot -priced sunscreen products are called "near Jiang Boy". To ask its "killer", in simple terms, the four words are "light and effective". There are nearly ten models for different needs. The online sales price is between 40--60RMB, and the local sales price of Japan is equivalent to about RMB 30.
    It more skin problems are welcome to ask questions on the corporate platform, or go to the official website of the cosmeceutical website for online consultation.

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