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  1. There are the following methods:
    The first type is relatively common. Participate in the audio platforms of various audio platforms. The audition can receive the order. The advantage is that you do not need to consider copyright. The audio platform is copyright The disadvantage of the book is that there are not so many singles, and the competition is very fierce.
    The second type is the audition of the public account and dubbing platform. The audition can be received by the audition. The advantage is that there will be more orders on the platform. The disadvantage is that the competition is equally intense, and you cannot identify it Is this order accurate?
    The third is the audition of the audio -visual dubbing group. The information of the audition group is relatively real, but you need to enter a particularly reliable group. It will also be higher. The disadvantage is that you need to screen in the early stage to understand the characteristics of each group. Which group can you receive a suit that suits you and which group of books is high and the recording cost is high.
    No matter which method, the premise that you can receive a order is that you have a certain ability to dubbing, otherwise no matter how good the channels and platforms are, the audition is not available.
    Dubbing is the process of adding sounds to videos or multimedia. In the narrow sense, the voice actor with the character with sound, or instead of the character's language dialogue in the original film in other languages. At the same time, due to the wrong leakage of the sound, the process of replenishing the dialogue by the original actor re -replenishing the dialogue. When recording photography, the actor's voice or singing voice uses the replacement of others, also known as "dubbing".
    Voicing is a language art. It is a creative work that uses their own voice and language to shape and improve all kinds of living, colorful character images with their own voice and language before and before the microphone.
    The replacement is a Japanese vocabulary, which is generally translated as a translation dubbing (Japanese: Blowing, Blowing, Fukikae), referring to re -dubbing foreign movies to facilitate the audiovisual of the people.
    although dubbing also belongs to the language and art category in front of the microphone, it is different from the studio. After digging the written meaning, you can design the tone and rhythm based on the understanding; Ready, mirroring.
    Moving the video and television dubbing requires the dubbing actor is absolutely loyal to the original film. On the basis of the character image that the original actor has created, it is re -created for the characters. It has restricted the dubbing actors from many factors, age, personality, personality, social status, life encounters, and voice conditions, and the actors are not allowed to surpass the original film to play freely and set another image.
    The also requires the dubbing actors to deeply understand and experience the feelings of the characters based on all the characteristics provided by the characters in the film, and then mobilize the actor's own voice, language, and creativity The characters in the film become full and more three -dimensional.
    The replacement is actually the meaning of foreign language dubbing. Take a few examples: Re -voicing non -Japanese videos or audio such as English into Japanese is called "Japanese Blowing, Japanese Blowing in Japan". Non -English videos or audio such as Japanese or audio are called "English Blowing, English Blowing in English".

  2. The receiving single voice book dubbing platform is as follows:
    1, Netease Cloud Music
    can open radio stations at the creative center, release audio works, and it is best to pick up orders in the platform so that fans can directly support it by appreciation.
    2. Reading the sound platform
    The popular novels in it, which can be dubbed after becoming an anchor. As long as the sound conditions are good and the performance is strong, the income of this platform is still very good. Essence
    3, Douban -dubbing group
    The demand for sound book products in Douban. You can do it next, but you need to identify authenticity. Remember not to pay first.
    4, Himalayan audio production platform
    This is a dubbing task, including novels, literature, historical books, etc., can be charged at time, and can also be charged according to words. The expected income is 80-120/hour Dividends).
    5, such as the major forums, post bar, Zhu Bajie.com, Weike.com and other platforms, there will be individuals or companies to publish dubbing tasks from time to time. It is controlled by yourself, but the income is not stable, and you need a little luck to encounter the right one.

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