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  1. 1. Log in to WeChat, slide to the address book, and then click group chat.
    2. After clicking the group chat, I found that the interface is not empty. At this time, you must find the upper right corner, there is a sign of the addition, click in.
    3, then click [Select a group] at this time.
    4, the group appears now, how many groups you add will appear.
    5, you can click in the group to chat now. If you feel that this WeChat group is not bad, look at the icons of two villains in the upper right corner, and click in settings. Click "Save to the address book", so that even if you empty the chat records of this WeChat group in the future, you can still find this group in the address book.

    What to find WeChat group? The second common situation: I want to join more WeChat groups, but I don't know how to join!

    The WeChat group is not the same as the QQ group, because the QQ group has a fixed number, but the WeChat group does not. So if you want to join more WeChat groups, it is not as easy as QQ, but there are still ways.

    1. Find the sponsor who builds WeChat groups, and let him pull you into the group (if you know anyone in the group is OK)
    2, you can also build one by yourself WeChat group, click the button in the upper right corner of WeChat, select a chat in the drop -down list, and then check the friends who need to join the group. Click OK to build a group. (If you need to add a friend, you can get the QR code of the WeChat group, QQ, Weibo, friends circle, Douban, post bar, WeChat group sharing and other websites, which can be)
    3. To join the WeChat group, this requires some places to show WeChat groups, such as WeChat group sharing.
    4. If you have joined a WeChat group, you can let the members of the WeChat group pull you one. Of course, if you have two groups, you can shout to change the group in the group and let others pull you you In the group, you can also pull others into the group.

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