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What exactly is "two uncle coin"?

Recently, in the brush screen "cure countless people mental internal friction" "second uncle", has become a profit making tool for others. Taking advantage of the popularity of "Second Uncle Coin", people in the currency circle have issued a digital currency called "Second Uncle Coin". The suspected promoter of the coin said on a social networking site that the money would be donated to the "second uncle" to provide pension security for him. According to the digital currency website, a total of 1 trillion Erjiu coins were issued. The currency has been sharply retracted in the past two trading days, at one point falling from its peak to a tenth of its market value. Security experts said that the second uncle coin is suspected to have a volume of money absconding incident, the contract has been deployed to clean the stolen money, the fraud of profits up to $1.3 million. Two uncle coins issued today denied running away. For now, the project continues to issue regular announcements about transactions in the coin.

3d54f5644e93367cbc5fc21884b5a394Meng Tian, executive deputy director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Finance of Shanghai University, said that digital currency itself is a very broad concept. There are two main differences between digital currencies and traditional currencies. One is that digital currencies are invisible, and the other is that digital currencies themselves allow for borderless transfers, or transfers of ownership, including immediate transactions. There are some categories, such as the most traditional, in a specific "community" to obtain value, controlled by developers to create, such as some game points currency, Tencent's Q coin is also a virtual currency. But everyone the most attention of this kind of investment properties, is a block chain technology, cryptography theory is used to ensure transaction security and control unit, create a medium of exchange, decentralization, transmission between the entity and the user, including for real goods trading, the most typical is the currency, like virtual currency. According to the limited information available so far, the second uncle coin belongs to this kind of crypto virtual currency. It must be an unregulated digital currency.

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