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Blockchain, Ethereum, Ethereum and smart contracts

Block chain

To be clear: it's a lot of work to explain exactly what a blockchain is, and it's not what this tutorial is about.

This is just a brief guide to the series.

When it comes to blockchain, you will think of all kinds of coins, such as Bitcoin, ETH, etc., and think that they are blockchain. Not really.

You could say that they're just a product of the blockchain, a digital currency created because of the blockchain.

And what blockchain is, you can say it is a kind of decentralized thinking, you can also visualize it as a bookkeeping book. For this tutorial, you don't have to understand it at all.

bdc2d4c50b301a5d6c91bc8cecaca6e8The etheric fang

In fact, blockchain thinking wants to create a completely decentralized data world where everyone can participate in the creation, recording and transparency of data, and it can never be tampered with.

As you play the game, you will be in the game what equipment, and draw out what good things, is operated by the game's background, and its probability is how, if there is any cheating, we don't know, maybe the probability of it in the special award, advanced equipment transferred to one over ten thousand, more or do you actually draw the (out) the good equipment, But the background won't let you get it. It changed your data.

And if blockchain gets involved, none of this will happen because:

All records on the blockchain are open and transparent
Data on the blockchain cannot be tampered with
Blockchain has no central mechanism, no one can give instructions to operate it

And in order to achieve this kind of data world, you need to code, you need to have a set of completed procedures, hence the birth of "chain".

Therefore, blockchain is also made up of chains.

Ethereum is one of them.

Of course, what most people now say about Ethereum is actually -ETH, the digital currency issued by Ethereum.

Ethereum and smart contracts

Why put Ethereum and smart contracts together?

Because when we talk about smart contracts, most people are really talking about [Ethereum smart contracts].

80af6b9e947c80c6d9fcd0d10017296cWhy is that?

As I said earlier, blockchain is intended to create a completely decentralized, open and transparent data world where everyone can participate in the creation, recording and tampering of data.

So how do we ordinary people write data to the chain?

If I wanted to write a novel on blockchain, how would I do it?

That's when you need to run a program on the blockchain again, and you need a program to keep track of my novel titles, chapters, and so on.

So you need the contract here.

Ethereum is a public chain that supports smart contracts.

So why Ethereum, other chains don't support it?

The answer is no. At least until Ethereum was born, there was no support for running smart contract chains.

So even now, we hear a lot: Ethereum smart contracts.

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