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Bitcoin, ether to do long hold, three days must be 25,000

Yesterday bitcoin peaked at 24200 and began to fall back 22850, began to rise after the early morning, yesterday's multiple single shock day, night or hit the sweep loss, market loss has earned, compared with last week, the overall profit is good, the current market has stabilized in the track, structure, stop falling and pull back, upward correction, The pressure channel above 24000 will at least test a wave, rise is only a matter of time, so do long or must stick to.
All in all, stay long, early sideways up, pressure 24200, support 22900-22800, so today on the support of the defensive 22800 call above 24200.
Bitcoin: Bullish below 23200, loss 22800, target 23900-24100
Ether: 1630 below gain, loss 1600, target 1720


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