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The 2022 Metaverse Education Frontiers Summit was held in Beijing

On August 13, 2022, the second Metaverse Education Frontier Summit was held in Beijing. As the first parallel forum of the 8th "Internet + Education" Innovation Week, the summit was themed "A New Chapter in Innovative Education".

Yu Jinyong, Secretary general of the Meta-Universe Education Laboratory and Managing partner of Zhongguancun Education Investment, hosted the summit. Education, he says, is an area where it is important for the metaverse to exert its strengths. Sensory interaction technology can provide experience advantages such as 3D and immersion, while blockchain can build the underlying architecture for co-creator economy and learning experience proof, which will have a profound impact on learning and education.

Wang Chunsheng, Director of Planning and Development Department of Zhongguancun Science City Management Committee, delivered an opening speech at the summit. He pointed out that the current development of the metaverse provides a new path for educational innovation and reform. At the same time, the underlying technology required for the development of the meta-universe also needs to be continuously cultivated and transported for the industrial end through education to understand the trend of cutting-edge science and technology and have relevant skills and qualities. The meta-universe and the development of education are closely related and promote each other.

Zhu Jiaming, director of the academic Committee of the Metaverse Education Laboratory and Chairman of the Academic and Technical Committee of Hengqin Digital Finance Research Institute, believes that the metaverse of education needs to be recognized in a larger cause as it is now in a big era of material, ability, practice and space recombination. He elaborated the innovation and development of the educational metauniverse from the three aspects of scientific and technological revolution, learning revolution and educational revolution, and pointed out that the educational metauniverse is the last innovation with potential value in the 21st century, which needs to be introduced into the frontier of science and technology, realize lifelong education, open the mutual learning between man and machine, and form a learning community.

1a383242b811d4ecc771b6923c2fec60Yang Dan, director of the Metaverse Education Laboratory and Zhongguancun Internet Education Innovation Center, released the country's first Metaverse Education Consensus at the summit, The consensus from yuan universe education service of socialist core values, concept of innovation in the future study and learning environment, the new paradigm can assign the future learning and education, improve education productivity, promote the development of the real economy, help the zhongguancun science and technology and education highland ecological construction, bridge construction of chinese-foreign cooperation in these seven aspects are expounded.

At this summit, the Metaverse Education Laboratory signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the Education Metaverse Professional Committee of China Mobile Communication Federation and the Digital Technology Research Institute of China Science and Technology respectively, which is a great development of metaverse education. At the meeting, Li Xuejiao, the representative of the originator of the Metaverse Education Laboratory and the general manager of China Translation Press Co., LTD., and Zhao Weipeng, the representative of the originator of the Metaverse Education Laboratory and the general manager of Zhongguancun Internet Education Innovation Center respectively awarded the license to the practice base and member units of the Metaverse Education Laboratory.

It is reported that the "Internet + Education" innovation week activity was initiated by Zhongguancun Internet Education Innovation Center, which has been held for 8 consecutive years. This Innovation week is guided by Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Administrative Committee, China National Institute of Education Sciences, Chinese Society of Education, and sponsored by Haidian District People's Government. Innovation Week will last from August 13 to 20, with a series of exciting activities both online and offline. The activities included the opening conference, 11 parallel forums, 5 educational workshops and 8 days of experience of innovative outcomes.

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