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Metaverse live: "concept period" of profiteering business, hype game under the tuyere

At the moment, it seems, any industry connected to the metaverse can quickly become a lightning bolt.

Previously, many people think the game will become yuan universe first landing scenarios, but now, with the dog's cloud disco dancing ", crowded subway, party, war tower defense, such as broadcast popular, in the premise of no real anchor to participate in all the way, could not only need to hang up the relevant program, the audience can brush through the thumb up, review and present embodiment form of players, Experience the fun of immersive games.

For example, in the live broadcast of battlefield tower defense, the audience can comment on the corresponding content to occupy the space, and then attack by brushing gifts of different prices to complete tower defense. On the other hand, the game-like gameplay and full virtual scenes provided in this kind of live streaming also make it a content form closer to the metaverse.

bae9c4b7b1ab426063cd1a545cc34ed6"I make four figures a day without doing anything."

The year 2021 is widely referred to in the industry as the first year of the metaverse. In January of the same year, FunPlus, a game manufacturer, launched Pwnk, a "live interactive meta-universe platform" built by Amazon cloud technology and cloud services, for testing.

It is reported that the creative team behind the platform includes many members from major companies such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Twitter, Tencent, etc. What makes Pwnk different is that dozens of game plays provided by the platform can be linked to live streaming platforms such as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, etc. Let the broadcast audience become a player to participate in it. Although Pwnk has not entered the domestic market due to the market positioning of the platform and other reasons, it is very similar to the so-called metaverse live streaming in China.

At the beginning of 2022, the main "Xiugou nightclub owner" of Station B UP quickly became popular with the special live broadcast of "Yun Bundi". Through the specific program of the broadcasting room, the audience could randomly create the Shiba Inu image with their own ID by sending bullets and enter the dance floor Bundi. At its peak, "Xiugou Nightclub Owner" had more than 600,000 people in its broadcast room and earned more than 20,000 yuan as gifts in a single day.

Later, similar live streaming of virtual scenes with strong interactivity began to enter more platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, and the live streaming content also evolved into more forms such as square dance, subway crowding, battlefield tower defense, and siege of The Three Kingdoms. The characters also appeared head ICONS, mushroom head emojis, 3D animation images, etc. But on the whole, There has been no significant change in the ways of streaming apps, liking, commenting, or swiping gifts.

However, in the early stage, this kind of live broadcast was more called unmanned live broadcast, and later it was labeled as the metaverse live broadcast. However, compared with the real metaverse live broadcast, this kind of live broadcast has lower requirements in terms of content, gameplay and receiving equipment.

Also because, of course, requires less, can rapid popularity in the current limited market environment, coupled with no reality, early application of almost all costs in one thousand yuan the following, and this kind of live interactive game with thumb up, reviews, brush gift is given priority to, can get the live naturally platform of free flow, the relatively faster, Many new channels can reach tens of thousands of online users in a short period of time.

With low threshold and high output, Metaverse live broadcasting soon became a good business for many people to make quick money. In the related short promotion video, "lying on the good project to make money", "do nothing, can earn four figures a day" and other similar descriptions frequently appear, under the wind, more and more people into the game.

6459cff977f1981ea8fd4dc60be60d05Dachang is still paving the way

Tipping and carrying goods are still the main forms of cash

The key to the rapid development of Metaverse live streaming in the short term is that the commercial path has been set up.

Among them, the metaverse live broadcast with game, interaction and social interaction as the core is almost realized through the gift appreciation income of the live broadcast room.

Generally speaking, the gifts required to participate in the game are generally less than 10 yuan in the broadcasting room. However, due to the weak dependence on anchors, this kind of broadcasting can realize multi-platform and 24-hour live broadcasting. For example, @Mutual Tour Plaza is broadcast on multiple platforms at the same time. However, he received more than 400 yuan in gifts within half a day. According to this calculation, his multi-platform cumulative daily income can reach thousands of yuan.

However, the outbreak period of such livestream is relatively short. For example, the previously popular "Xiugou nightclub owner" has gone through the fermentation period, and the data of Feigua shows that the average income of the livestream gradually drops to about 1,000 yuan. In addition, it should be noted that at present, the operation main body behind the realization of tipping is more individuals, and its market scale is relatively limited. The platform and Dachang have no targeted layout at present, and their related actions are more paving the way for the metaverse.

For example, Kuaishou recently launched the "V-Star virtual human project", which plans to launch customized activities and invest tens of billions of traffic support; After incubating the A-Soul, ByteDance also launched Pico VR all-in-one. In contrast, various platforms around live streaming has been more practical action.

In the first half of this year, Taobao announced its three powerful directions of live streaming marketing in 2022, among which virtual anchors and virtual scenes became the new driving force of the platform. During the period of 618, Taobao set up a special project team for the Meta-universe to explore targeted shopping and interactive scenes. Many brands, such as Wahaha, Opp, Sema, Naras, and Beijing Tongren Tang, released a list of good things in the Meta-universe.

Season in this summer, trill summer adventure with two dimensional virtual idol "silent sauce" cooperation, launched a younger group of online discos midsummer party, in the form of the core of the party from yuan universe live play, users in the studio is assigned a virtual identity, as long as the thumb up according to the related instructions, comments, brush gift, can be in the studio and other audience interaction. The total exposure of the whole event in the station is nearly 1.5 billion, among which there are 135 good things broadcasting rooms with a single transaction amount of more than one million yuan, and 15 good things broadcasting rooms with a single transaction amount of more than ten million yuan.

In contrast, under the tuyere, metaverse live streaming does give ordinary people the opportunity to make quick money, but the realization space is easy to peak, and the e-commerce path of being born from the metaverse live streaming with goods seems to become more imaginative with the help of metaverse live streaming.

bc454cadfd1354b9a8886de13ee259e3Chaos and malaise coexist

The next trillion dollar market can't move too fast

There is no denying that the current metaverse live streaming is still a product of the "concept phase" and the industry is still feeling its way across the river. While it's true that some people have made quick money, it also makes the environment more complicated.

There is a saying that an industry is saturated when it starts teaching people how to make money from it. Instead of the metaverse live this track, the emergence of new tuyere, people want to get a piece of the action, the new concept, new play generated by the information difference, also let many people have the opportunity to exploit the loophole.

Compared with the early common hundreds of yuan crowded subway, YunBundi and other live hang up programs, at present in Taobao search similar keywords, many commodities are priced as low as 1 yuan, but sales are still very few.

This on the one hand reflects the extremely fast iteration speed of such products and the need for continuous updates to maintain the enthusiasm of users. On the other hand, it also reflects that the industry environment is becoming more complex, and the number of people "selling the concept" has even exceeded the number of people who want to enter the game. But both actually do not know much about this, in the low-price product consultation, often get "I don't know", "you find out about it" reply. In addition, the guide of live streaming to the audience to swipe gifts is also more likely to be banned by the platform.

And in the e-commerce circuit, the threshold of metaverse live broadcasting is becoming higher and higher. The most intuitive, compared with grainy shiba inu, mushroom first-class image, yuan universe live with goods used mostly in the form of high-definition, can capture the dynamic characters of virtual human, this is also the major broadcast platform in the direction of the power, B standing CEO ray said, in June 2020 - May 2021, a total of 32412 virtual host in station B, That's up 40 percent year on year.

Of course, corresponding to this, in the scene with goods, one is a single broadcast room, using the form of green screen matting, with virtual human images and products to change the background. According to the official data of Taobao, more than 1000 merchants have joined the live 3D green screen era. However, the design fee of a static virtual background image is generally 300~600 yuan, and the animation background design is also more than 300 yuan/second. Affected by this, the cost of live broadcasting will probably exceed the affordability of many individuals, and they may seek further support from MCN institutions or platforms in the future.

The other is to create a more real party scene, commercial street scene, etc., the required technical support and financial support will further raise the threshold of live broadcasting. Therefore, in the short term, the meta-universe live broadcast will not become the core scene of e-commerce goods, and the future will be more of a game between MCN institutions and Dachang.

On the whole, the metaverse has been hyped in recent years, and the industry generally gives an optimistic estimate of its development prospects. According to Pricewaterhousecoopers, the metaverse related economy will grow significantly in the future, and the market size is expected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2030. But at present, the emergence of the tuyere is still more accelerate the concept of popularization, industry development also needs step by step.

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