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Baidu Xilang officially released "Metaverse Exhibition Solution"

(Wang Lichen) How to achieve "conference freedom" in the metaverse? On August 19, Baidu Xilang officially released the "Metaverse exhibition solution", which provides a more convenient "admission ticket" for holding the exhibition in the Metaverse.

At the meeting, He Baohong, director of the Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Institute of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, shared the top 10 relationships of the metaverse. "The metaverse is one of the development directions of the next generation Internet. In the next three to five years, entertainment, education, gaming, especially the combination of exhibitions and the metaverse, will make a lot of progress."

cc57855e88b20a6c0319338b1cb3c46dMa Jie, vice president of Baidu, said in an interview with after the conference that people are very quick to accept new things. After the pandemic, people are very used to using online conference to solve problems, which is essentially a change in their cognition. "The effect will be better and better only when the Metaverse exhibition is properly used, with lower and lower costs and higher efficiency. I'm looking forward to the day when online and offline conferences will be held simultaneously."

According to the introduction, in terms of the metaverse conference, Baidu Xilang provides one-stop technical services. The "conference host" can quickly build a metaverse conference venue that can accommodate tens to hundreds of people, even thousands to tens of thousands of people, according to the design of the conference scale, conference content and conference agenda. Meet the industry summit, product release, forum discussion, speech training, interview and negotiation and other meeting scenarios, set up the conference "negotiation area" and "exhibition area", create a distinctive style of meta-universe meeting space and time, the fastest day can support as needed.

According to the latest prediction of the Meta Universe Industry Committee of China Computer Industry Association, the scale of the upstream and downstream industries in the current China meta universe has reached 30 billion yuan, and will exceed 200 billion yuan in the next five years. Focusing on the exhibition field, research data from the Association of the International Exhibition Industry (UFI) also showed that more than 60% of exhibition respondents expressed interest in metaverse applications such as VR.

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