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Analysis and application of automobile stamping parts

Automobile stamping parts are the stamping products applied in automobiles, which are very important to the operation of automobiles. When the stamping factory is processing the automobile stamping parts, it needs to analyze some characteristics of the automobile stamping parts, so as to carry on the production better. Metal stamping part manufacturer will introduce the analysis and application of automotive stamping parts.

1, effectively set the process hole

In order to solve the problem caused by the material, the production and manufacturing staff to carry out the tension of the hair embryo select the appropriate part of the stamping process hole, but also in the stretch of the vulnerable part of the stamping process hole. The process holes produced by stamping should be of suitable size, either too large or too small. If the process hole is too large, the metal stamping parts are very easy to cause the situation of turning the hole; ​if the hole is very small, the top of the process part can not get enough, resulting in no way to enter the material into the part, and then causing the situation of reducing the diameter around the top process hole.

0e0a3a4c3d25f7b4352e7e4f0e3051af2. Effective setting process supplement

Automotive parts in the process of supplementing the standard parts to provide a basis, the production process in the stamping parts under the premise of the material supplement, not only the hair embryo stretched parts forming has an important relationship, the development of the related process behind also has a close relationship. In the whole process of the production and manufacturing of automobile stamping parts, the parts of the stretch forming have a great vacancy, because the stretch hair embryo can not obtain the supplement of external materials, and then there is a huge loss of parts. In the field of the automobile industry, in order to better reduce the occurrence of this situation, the relevant analytical scientific research is carried out, and the decision is made to empty the material resources that need to be supplemented in the link of hair-embryo preforming to assist the conversion of vacant hair-embryo to obtain immediate supplement.

3. Improvement of mold manufacturing

​common parts in the automobile industry, if the upper and lower sides of the parts need to be improved, in order to better ensure the convenience of the actual operation of the process, the completion of production and manufacturing can be easily carried out the actual operation of the parts. In general, the structural blank holding method of wedge blocks on both sides is often used in auto parts molds.

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