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Some people say blockchain will change every aspect of humanity. Is it true?

Blockchain is known because of Bitcoin, which has made millions of people billionaires and ruined millions of people, because once only 10,000 bitcoins were exchanged for a pizza, and once a bitcoin was 69,000 US dollars, not RMB. Bitcoin is just one application of the blockchain to create such a huge wave and create countless jobs. Make people give birth to infinite yearning.

Let's look at the nature of blockchain.

Can blockchain really change everything about humanity? The answer is yes, because the data recorded on the blockchain is immutable. This is the gene of blockchain, so the mission of blockchain is to make humanity a better place.

Why can't block chain be modified, because the designer of block chain has the wisdom of God, the human cryptography through the clever combination of block chain design to have "unidirectional", and is distributed storage, just like time can not be turned back.

3f1de57857e47c7a73ff300bebb43501If history is recorded with blockchain, history will not be dressed up like a little girl. If the blockchain is used to record every income and expenditure of the listed company, there will not be so much financial fraud; If we use blockchain to record everything we say and do, we won't be able to lie when we pick up the phone, as we do now.

Blockchain builds a whole new model of trust. Trust is the key element of human social relations and social activities. Alipay solves the trust of buyers and sellers and brings earth-shaking convenience to our life. If blockchain solves our trust in society, can you imagine how wonderful the future will be?

China's digital renminbi, which is the most widely used currency, is based on blockchain technology. Now our country's digital currency has been piloted in many places, I did not grab a digital currency red envelope is really a pity. China's digital currency started to be approved in 2014, and the top-level design was completed in 2017. At the end of 2019, the digital renminbi was launched for pilot testing in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiongan New Area, Chengdu and the scene of the future Winter Olympics. As of May 31, 2022, the total number of digital RMB transactions in 15 provinces and cities was about 264 million, worth about 83 billion yuan, and 4.567 million merchant stores supported digital RMB payment.

Back to our real problem, the digital yuan can solve the illegal behavior of cash transactions, so that the dark illegal behavior has no escape.

Finally, let's look at two quotes:

"It's not robots, it's not big data, it's not even artificial intelligence, it's blockchain that will trigger humanity's fourth industrial revolution and redefine the Internet and even human society." The father of the digital economy, Don Tapscott

"We need to take blockchain as seriously as we took the Internet in the '90s." Chief economist at Morgan Stanley

So blockchain is going to change everything about us.

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