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In the era of blockchain, art, IP, L and community are being redefined

New things are always growing.

In the current digital era, art, IP and community are being redefined: the art field, which was originally out of reach, is gradually coming into the public view due to the birth of blockchain technology. A new generation of digital natives has entered a new era of digital art. Paying for favorite artists, ips, and Kols is no longer a novelty. Creators will have more say, and collectors and creators will have a closer connection.


How to define a new digital art platform?

In the past year, digital collection platforms are booming, blockchain technology is actively solving the problem of copyright confirmation, and art is being digitized at a rapid pace, no longer admiring oneself. The whole industry is exploring new modes of combining technology and art.

Qiyi Island was born in such a big background. Based on blockchain technology, Qiyi Island integrates digital collections, Disk-like group chat community, trendy play e-commerce, etc., as one of the Web3.0 platforms. It gathers many outstanding artists, Internet celebrity Kols, illustrators, museums and other well-known IP and cutting-edge art, and establishes a communication platform between creators and art lovers. For creators to provide global limited digital cultural art distribution services.


Everyone can create, and a diversified ecology is taking shape

The field of "digital art" is rising. On the one hand, the strong support of the policy and the improvement of the supervision trend have already made a certain stock market. On the other hand, the digital collection has penetrated into all fields, and the public is more rational. The IP with real value will be valued.

From the content creation, to the content copyright and distribution platform, technology service providers and other upstream and downstream enterprises, around the digital collection of diversified ecology has gradually taken shape, public reports show that in 2021, the total global digital collection sales of 24.9 billion dollars, 2026 forecast domestic market size of 30 billion yuan. Hidden in the face of the vast number of market demands and logarithmic hidden management services, huawei cloud platform, introduced the research of digital assets chain chain engine based on huawei cloud blocks, one-stop management of digital content, provide the digital content copyright protection, digital assets issuance and circulation, digital pay, such as one-stop service, realize the digital assets equaling, reliable and secure transactions; Qiyi Island is committed to realizing that everyone can create and publish, and establishing a fan community, such as the re-creation of traditional culture, the re-interpretation of the four great classics and classic stories; Combined with werewolf kill, script kill and other young people's favorite board game cards; Network celebrity anchors and Kols can also establish private domain traffic here, so that creators and fans can be more closely connected.


Who are the peers driving the digital art scene forward?

Technological innovation is driving the continuous development of copyright and art. Digital collections and consensus communities provide more imagination space for creators and art lovers. The development of the industry needs the two-way drive of content and technology. Qiyi Island is using blockchain technology to give traditional culture and trendy culture more novel and interesting gameplay.

Therefore, the Huawei cloud solution has more powerful advantages. Recently, Huawei Hongmeng OS data collection function was launched, which provides a more convenient way for the platform to directly reach users. As Huawei Hongmeng's first cooperative digital art platform, on the one hand, Qiyi Island uses Huawei cloud digital asset chain service to realize the full life cycle management of digital content and escort the digital art chain and asset safety; On the other hand, Huawei HarmonyOS, through the atomization service, provides pre-sale reminders and quick purchase functions on the system desktop. Moreover, it has launched the gallery function, which displays the digital collections purchased by users on the mobile desktop, so that users can enjoy them by themselves or share them with friends anytime and anywhere.


The future is here. Let's explore the new value of digital art

Qiyi Island is the first digital art platform cooperated by Huawei Hongmeng Service Card. With the support and input of Huawei cloud services such as desktop function and digital asset chain, Qiyi Island will realize its vision of "letting some people discover the value of digital art" in a more efficient way.

In the future, Qiyi Island will explore the new value of digital art from digital collections, gradually form a decentralized metaverse community, and eventually form an ecologically complete metaverse ecological world.

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