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Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global has integrated Mizar

According to official news, cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global has integrated Mizar. Mizar is known to be a subscription-free next generation trading platform that allows traders to find strategies to safely allocate funds and launch assets using various trading tools.

1, BTC

The opening price was 21160.39, the highest price was 21668.85, the lowest price was 21103.20, and the closing price was 21534.12. The trading volume of $23.1 billion during the day was up or down 1.77%.

2, the ETH

The opening price was 1,576.54, the highest price was 1,640.94, the lowest price was 1,569.05, and the closing price was 1,619.32. The trading volume of the day was 15.8 billion dollars, with a rise or fall of 2.71%.

c0c5c5630bb773806b1424ff0d25613f3, SHIB

The opening price was 0.00001288, the highest price was 0.00001378, the lowest price was 0.00001281, and the closing price was 0.00001348. The volume of $68 million traded on the day was 4.66% higher or lower on the day.

4. Explosive volume

On that day, there were 189 million dollars of multiple single explosive positions and 59 million dollars of empty single explosive positions.

5, hold a single amount

On the same day, the total number of net holdings is 50.57%, the proportion of short holdings is 49.43%.

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