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Can Bitcoin bulls Bottom out? Afternoon market will rise?

Bitcoin from the perspective of the daily structure, temporarily will retain a certain short state, but the space can be foreseen below is relatively small, focus on the 23200-23500 line support test, low below or not will also determine the medium-term trend of Bitcoin is to go strong shock, or again into the weak shock. Personal market is expected to be around the large probability of the near shock, the day above the average is concerned about the pressure zone of 25000.

From the point of view of the hour chart, yesterday's Bitcoin trend has a disconnect, but it is still very passive, whether it is a pressure correction, or down after the recovery, are not strong, coherence is poor. According to the current state of the center of gravity of the structure to move down, do not rule out the possibility of another wave of fall, at that time, the lower part of the attention can be paid to 23200-23500 area for competition, and if the market chooses to go up, the upper 25,000 will continue to bring short-term repression, so the intraday trend of Bitcoin is very unclear, which is also the market choice shock.

In terms of operation, I personally recommend that Bitcoin intra-day conservatives take a wait-and-see approach to avoid the risk of market sentiment instability. Radical will continue to try the range of short - term low high altitude, but the risk is still relatively large, so be sure to treat very light warehouse.

Ethereum is also in shock recently, potential energy is obviously insufficient, yesterday closed line small Yang, the overall market is under some column average pressure, the structure is still in the bearish pattern, the short-term price has formed a double bottom form, pay attention to the recent rebound potential energy pressure, at the same time pay attention to the price has the risk of another bottom. Day line price test Brin on the track pressure, the price rebound potential energy is released, there is a pullback mood, the price of the overall trading forest on the track directly, Brin close, pay attention to the market shock potential energy, it is recommended not to chase up the radical, attached to the index KDJ pullback correction mood.

For the operation, I personally suggest that Ethereum temporarily should not be too bullish, we patiently wait for the pullback around 1820-1850 can continue to be more, the target is around 2000!

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Patience! Patience is an important skill. Being restless or distracted can lead to bad decisions. Livermore once pointed out: "A successful trader must be like a successful businessman, able to correctly foresee the future demand, timely entry, and patiently wait for the profitable moment." This sentence has been regarded as my professional code!

Balance! There has always been a saying in the industry that a good trader is a trader without an opinion. This means that a good trader can give up his preference for the current market long and short direction, not arbitrary in a certain party, can objectively comply with the market to do trading. A successful trader is a trader who "can not bear to see, see is ruthless" that perfect control of the balance of ups and downs, short-term failure, but also can be full of confidence in the follow-up signal, and decisive execution never miss the trader. The market is not absolute, there is no set trend, so the balance of the market is your winning magic weapon.

Desire! There is an Italian proverb: Let money be our faithful servant, or it will become a domineering master. Short, long can make money, only greed can not earn. Do you control desire or does desire control you? The ancients cloud: do not product silicon step without as far as thousands of miles, do not product small flow beyond Jianghai. I hope this sentence serves as a common encouragement between us.

Self-knowledge! People know that the truth in which line is rational, the financial circle is the same. Not knowing will make mistakes, mistakes will make you sad, people have to breathe, and perfect trading is like breathing, stay resilient, don't have to trade every band. The secret to profitable trading is to follow simple rules, do simple things repeatedly, and do them rigorously over time!

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