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What's the difference between putting virtual currency on the platform and putting it in your wallet?

4 thoughts on “What's the difference between putting virtual currency on the platform and putting it in your wallet?”

  1. 1. Different natures

    the virtual currency platform is controlled by the platform, and the virtual currency wallet is controlled by itself

    2. Different security

    virtual currency platform if the platform fails, the money will be gone, and the virtual currency will not lose any money in the wallet, no matter whether the platform fails or not

    3. Different transactions

    the virtual currency platform can be sold or traded publicly, while the virtual currency wallet can only be traded privately

    extended data:

    risk of virtual currency:

    1. Model risk

    virtual currency is not real currency. There is no central bank behind total amount control and macro-control. Its value depends entirely on its supply

    2. Liquidity risk

    virtual currency is often due to the lack of market depth. After irrational prosperity thinking or sudden panic, the market price rises and falls sharply, and it is difficult to buy or sell at a reasonable price, especially when a large amount of funds or a large number of virtual currencies enter the market

    3. Platform risk

    at present, many virtual currency platforms basically need to deposit funds into the platform to buy or sell. In order to attract investors, some platforms often provide preferential terms of free handling fees, but some free platforms are more risky

    reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia - virtual currency

  2. Virtual currency is put on the platform. If the platform fails, the money will be gone
    put it in your wallet. No matter what the platform is, it's in your own hands
    wallet coins can be sold on the platform or privately

    the security of the virtual currency trading platform mainly depends on two aspects: one is whether there are loopholes in the program code, and the other is whether the protection is well done. The wallet is an address for putting money. There can be countless addresses in the world, but they can't have duplicate names, only one. Then put the money in and transfer money to each other

    virtual currency refers to a kind of virtual money on the Internet. That is, the information flow or data flow that replaces the circulation of real money in high technology. Today, with the rapid development of information technology, real money is far from meeting people's capital flow needs

    virtual currency is different from check and telegraphic transfer. Virtual currency cannot realize the value and cannot be transferred through bank. At present, it can only circulate in the online world. Virtual currency is released by various network institutions, and there is no unified issuance and management standard

  3. You don't have to worry about running on the big platform. It is suggested that you can put your money on the Chinese currency platform, the world's top ten word-of-mouth platforms, and use your money to manage money. You can make profits without frying money. You can check the detailed operation guidance and teaching on the platform.

  4. There are many kinds of wallets. Whether it's a wallet or a platform, it should be reliable and safe. We can consider a six-year brand ZB platform, which manages 10 billion virtual currency assets and has professional experience in user management. The platform usually uses a cold wallet for storage, that is, it is not connected to the network, which can safely ensure the safety of assets

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